The Universe Beyond Earth, Is It Real?

The Universe Beyond Earth, Is It Real?

NOTICE: This is my opinion and I've been doing research on this topic (no not for school, just for this.)

This is a tough topic to look up, as there's so many theories, like flat earth, universe being a hologram, etc. I am not sure what is true, as there are many theories, but yeah there's a lot of evidence showing that the universe is real, but I wouldn't believe everything you read or hear, even if it is from the Government. Even though there's a lot of evidence about the universe being real, there's also lot's of evidence that the Government is messing with us, that the Universe is a simulation. There's this interesting quote I found on (link to the website I found will be below all the text). Here's what it says: “Even things that we think of as continuous – time, energy, space, volume – all have a finite limit to their size. If that’s the case, then our universe is both computable and finite. Those properties allow the universe to be simulated,”-Rich Terrile.

There's lot's of controversy saying that we live on a flat earth or that the universe doesn't exist. I don't know which one is really true, no one does (except, probably the Government.). Let's take a ride to an a Astronomer's point of view of the universe. Why would Astronomers do research and find out what these 'new planets' are made of if any of this isn't real. Well of course Astronomers get paid to do what they are doing. The average astronomer gets paid $104,100 per year, but the lowest astronomer pay is around $52,460 and can go up to $166,320. So they might do it just because of the money, it looks like it pays well. I kinda believe that the universe is real, because I want to think there's something out there, beyond our world. Some say the people who believe the universe is a simulation can just redo the universe's perimeter and be always correct, but that isn't true Science. If the universe isn't truly real, then atoms, elements can't be true.. Or can they?

I believe that there's something out their, but yet, there may not be. What do you think?


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  • Majoring in physics at a university I may be able to help you with this. The whole point of the universe being a hologram came from doing really complicated two dimenstional mathematics and getting a three dimensional result. If I remember correctly is came about from doing math on black holes.

    Though the universe is also supposedly flat. This is shown through the effects of gravity. Photons (light) are massless particles that are affected by gravity. Things affected by gravity have a mass mathematically. So since light can bend around a black hole this shows that gravity is different than how we thought (think of putting a ball on a suspended piece of paper). Also the expansion of the universe as mapped out by astrophysicists (through vector calculus and other mathematics), show a result that logically concludes to the universe being flat.

    If you get into quantum mechanics you start seeing that certain results and things don't necessarily exist in a certain state unless they are being observed. The double slit experiment shows this, and it's also seen in the concept of shrodinger's cat. Electrons can be in more than one place at a time/ in a superposition of states. Each state that an electron is in is given a probability of existing which isn't absolute until you force a measurement.

    The earth though is round. There's absolutely no disputing that one. satellite imagery proves it. People sailing/ flying across oceans proves it. the universe isn't necessarily infinite. It's possible it could stop expanding at some point or hit max expansion and rip apart. Or it hits a max and contracts, or it could stop expanding by some external force or just expand forever. We have no clue. All we know is the universe is expanding.

    If you want to get into philosophy though I can say this (just as a fun thought experiment and not as a fact). If you think of how artificial intelligence works and physics engines then you could say it's possible we live in one big complex computer program (it makes no sense that it's run by the covernment though). Then you could debate that the god of the universe is the one who programmed it. The programmer of our universe in theory would be able to change whatever and cause whatever to happen in our universe. Though even if this was true the universe is still a real thing. It's not possible for a thing you're experiencing to not be real.

    Though seriously take all the science courses if you're interested in this stuff.


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  • God created the universe and everything in it but all of those mysteries will not be revealed until he returns. When judgement day comes and those who have sought salvation are saved, many things will be shown to them.

  • "There's lot's of controversy saying that we live on a flat earth "

    No, there's no controversy whatsoever.

  • If we lived on a flat earth there would be proof. Like people seeing NASA guarding the mythical Ice Wall... also, the fat that most flat earthers rely on ignoring the fact gravity exists to prove their point or by taking spirit levels on plains... well, seriously... it's fucking preposterous.

  • it's real and where you state that the government at least knows. I'm pretty sure that most educational institutions know a lot more than the government about this stuff. there are to many people who do research out of curiosity, love of a subject or in search of the truth rather than money for it to be covered up.

  • The universe gets larger as technology gets better. ie the Hubble Telescope/satelite probes/rovers etc. the salary of a scientist has nothing to do with anything except it’s a score card to their experience, findings and innovations.
    But when you say things like “there’s a lot of controversy saying we live on a flat earth...”
    you pretty much establish these ideas you bring up are best suited for the grown up table. On in which you haven’t graduated to yet.

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  • I am not going to go to the flat earth stuff. I will stay focused on your title. Is the universe real or a simulation? There is no definitive evidence either way. There are just very troubling observations, consider;

    1. As we explore the quantum world, what we seem to find is just smaller and small particles. We don't seem to be able to get to the smallest particle that is the building block of matter. And the curious thing is that as we explore these very small particles, we find the space to matter ratio that is immensely troubling. See next point.

    2. When we look at the quantum world, one of the most troubling we see is the ratio of space to matter. Just take a typical atom, if the nucleus was about the size of a basketball, the electron that circles the nucleus would be about 26 miles away. If that is how atoms are made up, how in the world is anything solid? If that is so, then wouldn't your hand pass right through the keyboard you are typing on? Leading to the next point;

    3. Well, physicists thought they solved that mystery almost a 100 years ago with a field of physics called quantum mechanics. We understand that the reason why matter field solid is because of fields or the "wave function" of the electrons in the atom. But here is the thing, we never can witness or see the wave function of these electrons. Whenever we look at these particles, they are always in one position and not evenly spread out over an area as the equations of quantum mechanics suggest.

    4. It gets weirder. The latest experiments in which physicists try to look at this wave function produce results that are beyond strange. Results that suggest, particles can communicate faster than light speed, some kind of intelligence is at play that we simply do not understand, or some fundamental laws of physics are at play that come from perhaps a higher dimension or extend beyond the standard model. For some reason, the physics that govern this quantum world is much different than the physics that govern our world. These particles do not care about space, nor do they seem to care about time.

    Watch this video. . .

    what the bleep do we know?

  • Why would no one really know accept "the government?"
    If there is no reality and it's all a simulation, then likely nothing but your own mind is real, amd not just the universe, but even the government, are part of the simulation.

    That is the "you are being fooled" most likely turn out.

    The "we are all being fooled" turn out would see the government as just as oblivious to you as to whether we were simulated or not. No reason to think they're in on it. Everything is simulated, but by that argument, it is all real, because it Is real to us.
    That also means no flat earths. A simulation needs to run on rules, and the larger and more complex, the stricter the rules, and the more you could infer the rules from within the simulation.
    Thus a simulated universe is not part of a scheme of anyone in the universe, the earth could not be flat, and everything might as well be real, so nothing changes.

    The last option is that you are a boltzman brain.
    In an infinite universe, quantum theory says things can just pop into existence, and if the universe is infinite anything that can pop into existence has, is, and will.
    So, you could be nothing but a brain that spontaneously came to exist, just this moment, and are floating in space, with everything you remember being a delusion of false memories that came to be when your brain did, and existence is a delusion you experience in yoir own brain, oblivious to your reality of being nothing more than quantum energy floating in an infinite universe.

    And if a universe was infinite, you are more likely to be a boltzman brain than someone who actually exists.

    That's a bigger concern than a flat earth.

  • Speaking of simulation, didn't Elon Musk of Tesla bring this up and said something like that? Reminds me of the popular science fiction movie, "The Matrix", where there is no world and reality that which you are currently seeing, hearing, feeling, experience, etc., but instead you're only a slave; another bio-battery to sustain a race of intelligent and powerful machines. Where you're completely sedated in a stasis pod/fetus pod, where the world you are experiencing is nothing more than a "neural-interactive simulation" and that the "real world" out there is nothing but a dark, cold, bleak, desolate, post-apocalyptic desert wasteland from a full scale war between humanity and artificial intelligence, in which humans had been beaten badly. A "Prison For Your Mind" as they call it in the movie. Where the "world" or "reality" which you are experiencing, etc. is merely a "dream", or it could be a "nightmare", depending upon your perspective.

    As Morpheus had said 'What is real? How do you define real? If you're talking about what you can feel, what you can smell, what you can taste and see, then real is simply electrical signals interpreted by your brain."

  • I think it's infantile to think the earth is flat, because even if you don't immediately accept the idea and look into it for yourself. You would still come to the same conclusion that the planet is a sphere. There is no logical backing for flat earth if you are honestly attempting to prove/disprove it. At best you can use ignorance to say you don't know for sure, but you will never prove the earth is flat. The more knowledge you get will constantly prove the earth is round.

    Take a high altitude flight. Pay for a space x flight around the world. Chart a airplane flight around the world that is required to go all the way around, rather than back and forth. Do horizon tests. Travel to the north or south pole and track the sun and moon. The only thing that helps Flat Earth theory is ignorance and refusal to consider evidence of the other side. That's why when someone says there are satellite photos, someone who believes in flat earth will say it could have been photoshopped. While that's true, why would you assume that? Why would that be the basis for not accepting it as a true statement?

    I get it. Conspiracy theories are fun. Just don't let them turn you into an idiot, because you want to believe the conspiracy.

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