To the People That Dislike Dogs...

To the people that dislike dogs

Hi there. So you dislike dogs. Or you like them and clicked on this out of curiosity (either way you were curious, I suppose).

So let me tell you this.

People tell me all the time, why do I like dogs, why do I own one, they smell bad, they leave hairs behind, they cost money.. and whatnot. But they don’t take in mind what a dog really is like. They see practical issues or things they could not live with. I, however, don’t mind vaccuming twice instead of once a week, or walking them three times daily, or not being able to go many places without my pooch because she has separation anxiety.

You know why? Because I would not be here without my dog. I would have taken my own life by now. I had my first depressive period at age nine. I was excluded from my peers whom told me I was weird, I was a boy and whatnot. I felt truly alone. I couldn’t really seek refuge at home either, because my sister four years my senior was a problematic child and there were a lot of fights and arguments. So I did what any sane 9 year old would do. I played with my dog, cuddled with them, walked them, went on my own adventures in the forest. My dog was my safe space.

She still is.

When I cry, she finds me. When I am tired, she sleeps besides me. When I need to leave the house, she comes. My dog is at least 25% of my life, and that is only because I am not the only one taking care of her. Still, my dog is like my child. I feed her, teach her, clothe her when it’s cold... (she’s 14, yes she gets a sweater when it’s minus 10 celsius out) and in return I get unconditional love from a creature that knows so damn well what I need when I need it. Humans are rarely so instinctive.

My other dog recently passed away. When the day came on which we decided to put her down, I weeped. (Hell, I’m kind of crying while writing this). I had a complete meltdown. I sobbed unconditionally, had a panic attack, made my skin burn from all the crying. And still, there was this sweet little being slowly wagging her tail and walking uo to me with the little strength she had in her so that I would stop being sad. She didn’t understand why I was crying. She didn’t have to. She just wanted my sadness to fade. That was all that mattered to her, even though she was dying.

So yeah, I’ll take the fur on my black clothes, the nail prints on my wooden floor, the smelliness if i haven’t washed her and the eventual mental breakdown when you have to let them go over not having a dog. Anytime. Any day.


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  • I do think its important to work to resolve things with the humans too, and to communicate honestly with them.

    But otherwise, I really get the magic that you're talking about. Dogs are naturally charismatic, and charmingly direct and instinctual. They always make me feel better - even if theyre not my own, theyre just some sort of source of happiness.

    An intellectual said that a dog is very healthy to grow up with, as they can teach a child about life. I agree, but I also think they give you such lasting memories of that part of your life.

    I can't speak highly enough about dogs and their abilities, also their ability to calm, to comfort and to cheer up. Im a very tough bastard, but I'll go into child mode with my woofers! They are a masculine, intelligent persons perfect companion. Through all their hilarity and basic obsessions, the wisest philosopher can't fault their way of life - they really know what life is about.

    And although maybe it seems a little unfair, generally Im pretty sure that most people who dont like dogs are sociopaths. Or cat people, but thats for another time XD


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  • I love how you're seriously discrediting people's fear of dogs in your comments. Like you love dogs, cool. A lot of people do. But a lot of people don't. For different reasons. Fear of them being one of them. And that fear is a very real thing. I'll be damned if you or anyone else tries to downplay that shit. That's the shit I hate about some dog lovers.

    • This^^

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    • @Schrodingerscat I agree but I could care less what people love. If you go on youtube there even people who wants rat owners to be dead for liking rats OP could be trolling but she doesn't sound like she is. But she does sound childish.

    • @Schrodingerscat I wrote a Take a while back too about my fear of dogs. People can't seem to comprehend that we all don't have to like the same things lol.

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  • I don't have the patience to take care of a high-maintenance pet like a dog. That's why I like fish and birds better as pets.

    But when I go to someone's home that does have a dog, I understand how awesome they are for those willing to dedicate to take care of one. :)

    • I have a bird as well! I actually find pets like birds and fish high maintenance, funny.

  • I prefer cats for the reason being that a dog is more of a nuisance than a pleasure.

    I don't hate dogs but they do generally stink bad and lose the most hair. Dogs do have really dirty mouths which people allow to lick them.

    • I’ve only met two dogs in my whole life that smelled bad (other than their mouth). People that come over are always so surprised if they see a dog, you cannot smell them here because we vaccuum twice a week, give the dog a bath twice a month and more if she’s dirty. Shedding is different with each breed. Curly haired breeds don’t shed at all. I find it disgusting when dogs lick people’s faces, hands are okay because you can wash them easily.

      And, do you allow your car to lick you? Cats shed hella much, unless you have a sphynx or rex cat.

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    • That’s virtually impossible because every dog smells different. Might just be the country though, and obvs the breed.

    • Touchy eh?

  • My cat is the same thing for me, except it doesn't destroy my lawn and furniture, doesn't eat every non-food item imaginable, doesn't bark all the time and it can't kill me one day when something switches off in its brain.

    I get why people like dogs, I simply think they are dangerous, costly and too high maintenance for what they are worth.

    • No, cats just eat you if you die in your home.

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    • @it2ly source?

    • You really want to see all the links I've got...
      maybe just watch the news

  • Preference is ok, such as being more of a cat person, but if someone actually dislikes dogs there's something wrong with them.

    • Why because you are a conservative?

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    • Dont worry that mullahstan guy is a douche with everything he says

    • @cutestboyever yep. Cos you say I cannot have an opinion.

  • I'm just going to say this. I'm a guy who owns cats. That's because I'm extremely impressed with an animal that will take a shit in the same place every time. just like a cat, sometimes I feel pretty lazy and I am so glad that I don't have to take the cat out for a walk.

    That being said The fact that I own cats does not mean that I do not like dogs. I think they're great. And I love to visit people who have dogs. Provided it's not one of those dogs that immediately tries to Rack me and I go down in a fetal position because my balls are going to be swollen for the next 4 days.
    But I do like the dogs enough that for those particular ones that really want to make sure I do not have any children oh, I think I would actually be willing to wear a cup. That's right back up to protect my junk. If that ain't proof that I don't think dogs are pretty cool I don't know what is. it's just too bad they can't take a shit in the same place every time. :-)

    • You can teach them that though.

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  • Good Take! 👍

    I love dogs. Especially mine 💗

  • People who hates kind dogs are typically sociopaths in my opinion. But i do believe much like with kids you need to teach a dog well. That includes leaving for a bit of time and returning. You could call this kindergarten for human children. By coming back you enforce that this will happen the next time you leave.

    My fav thought is there are no bad dogs just bad dog owners

    • Agreed. My dog used to be fine but since the passing of our other dog she canmt be alone or she’ll cry.

  • We have two Jack Russells and we love them to death. They are such good companions and have great personalities too. I couldn't live without them. Returning home from work and there they both are, wagging their stumpy tails, bright-eyed and all excited to see you. I love it ❤️💯

  • I dont see many reasons to dislike dogs. However I hate people that insist that dogs are better than cats or vice versa when they have limited expereience with the opposing pet. And why do i have to pick one? I love the dogs and cats in my life equally

  • i don't understand anyone who hates dogs or animals in general. they're innocent and loyal. i couldn't date someone who disliked animals cause i feel the way they feel about animals is the way they are as a person. if they dislike innocent animals imagine how they would be with innocent babies.

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