The Definition of a Magnificent Personality.

The Definition of a Magnificent Personality.

We all know that each person is unique , and by unique it means that we aren't all copies rather than each of us is his or her original copy , we all have different feelings , emotions and thoughts , some of us have great personality traits while others lack it , having a stable core or a stable personality is the definition of that person , Here are Ten Simple Positive traits that everyone with a good personality has:

1. Honesty:

Being honest for me is one of the best positive traits because it also controls other personality traits , honesty is not just saying the truth , its much more than that , its about saying what you really feel , being honest is hard for some people and only strong people are fully honest .


A responsible person is in charge of his or her manners and can accomplish hard tasks and can be trusted , these people are generally leaders , they are responsible for the entire squad or Team , they are generally risky people and if they fail , they will put the failure on themselves and not others no matter what.

3.Kindness :

A kind person will be loved by must people , they are helping others without wanting anything in return , they are merciful people and are kind to everyone and also to animals and plants , these people won't harm anything meaningfully because it will hurt their big hearts and they value others souls .


These people will express whats inside their hearts for their loved ones , their souls are strongly bonded and always ready to help their loved ones no matter what , and they will do anything to make their loved ones happy even if it needs sacrifice , they are like shields which will resist until it breaks and these people are like that.

5.Being Respectful:

A respectful person will respect anyone regardless of Age , Sex or Social status , they respect human values equally and place them well , they know that everyone deserves respect to have a better and happier day.

6.Being Calm:

These people are calm in most situations , they think carefully and they will not make loud noices or talk loudly , they prefer being calm and analyze situations deeply .


Mature people are Responsible and Honest at the same time , they act more mature than someone their age , and they usually get respected a lot , they are strong enough to stand for themselves and accept the truth .


well educated people are creative and imaginative , they will help others with their skills and they are valuable people.


These people will cheer others to succeed and they are motivating to others , they are responsible for others succeed and they have very high values.

10. Confidence:

Confidence is not being selfish or arrogant , it is strongly believing in yourself without disrespecting or devaluing others , confident people know what they are doing and the reason for doing stuff , they know that everyone will only live once so they will try their best to be themselves without worrying about what others think about them.

Good luck everyone.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I love the use of the word MAGNIFICENT.
    1. Honesty-yeah i guess so but telling small lies to spare someone from harm is also a good thing to do. Someone who just spills the truth no matter what is not a good person.
    2. Responsibility-I totally agree. But i think sometimes you should let others do things for you or be rebellious because that is part of life. I find the most responsible people sometimes to be the most irritating.
    3. Kindness-again, I agree, but kindness isn't always magnificent. It is uninteresting.
    4. Lovingness- Lol I think you're looking for the word romantic or emotional. This is true to an extent-it's bad to get attatched too easily!
    5. Being respectful-Agreed. No objections.
    6. Being calm-I guess so, but getting hyped is part of a good personality too. I love when people are passionate.
    7. Maturity- Yes, but immaturity is essential to growing up too (:
    8. Educated-Hmmm. Depends. Having ignorance over certain things equates to a good personality too sometimes. Like, there are some things you don't want to know. But i agree.
    9. Cheerful-Ya to an extent. You also have to have empathy. Sometimes cheerfulness can be seen as rude in situations.
    10. Confidence-Yep!! But don't let it get to your head!


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  • This mytake was spot on, loved it.


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  • Wonderful. One doubt I still have. There are little children who are provoked on purpose by their parents to become angry and frustrated. Under what catagory do they belong?

  • Unfortunately, a person who embodies these qualities isn’t appreciated. They are not considered to be wild, or fun enough.

  • Those are all things God is developing in me though I am better at some of those traits then others.

  • I would also add funny.

  • Isn't tragic that a person with these qualities in our today society is considered naive?

    • it doesn't matter how others think about you , the must important thing is that you know you are doing the right thing.

  • interesting


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