Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality


When I was younger and going through puberty, I thought having big boobs was going to be the greatest thing ever because I thought it would get me lots of attention and make me feel hot but little did I know that with big boobs came with great responsibility. This mytake is for those who have big boobs or for those who think having big boobs is all fun and games to learn that it’s really not. So here is my rant against my 28L sized boobs.

Expectation: “I would look hot in all my clothes!”

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: If you can find clothes that fit you!

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

My boobs get the final say in what clothes I buy because it’s either I find something that fits my boobs and looks baggy everywhere else or I find something that fits everywhere else and looks like I’m giving everyone a free show. I haven’t worn a button down shirt in years and I can’t button my new cardigan all the way because the top button will pop off and hit someone in the eye. But when you do find something that does fit everywhere, it’s a dream come true! (If you don’t mind people judging you harshly).

Expectation: “I could cover them up when I need to and only flaunt them occasionally”

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: No, you’re going to show them off even when you don’t want to!

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

I can’t wear stuff like tank tops, T-shirts, or anything that’s too tight or has too low of a neckline because you can really see my boobs. Even if they’re covered because a fitting top can still show the size of them and there are times when my shirt slides down and my boobs sneak out of the top and say “Hi everyone!” Which is not something I like because I prefer to dress more conservatively in order to be taken seriously.

Expectation: “They would come in slowly but surely!”

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: Nope, they’ll grow like crazy

(Insert same picture here because it works twice)

I was 10 when my boobs started growing and they grew about 2 cup sizes a year, making me the girl with the biggest boobs in class and the other girls ask if I stuffed my bra and when I was 19, they grew 6 cup sizes in a year and they were FINALLY done growing when I was a 20 year old with mixed feelings about her 28L boobs (but at least I’m in college now with girls who have bigger boobs than me (thank God I’m not alone lol).

Expectation: “Finding bras wouldn’t be too hard!”

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: I hope you hate money!

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

I can’t go to the stores like Victoria’s Secret because they don’t carry my size so I have to order my bras online for 50 a piece. And don’t even get me started on the prices for the strapless bras!

Expectation: “I would be so sexy that no man can resist me!”

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: Sure, if you like creepers!

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

If I had a nickel for every time I had a creeper compliment me on my body of all things, I’d be so rich that I wouldn’t need to use my boobs (that apparently have the power) to snag a rich husband! Guys, it’s tasteless to flirt with a woman by praising her body! Praise her clothes or her personality, not her boobs (or whatever else) unless you’re in the bedroom and having sex!

Also, some dudes aren’t that shallow, some dudes prefer small boobs, and some dudes prefer dudes. So if you’re gonna planning to go under the knife just to get that one guy, you’re just going to be stuck with two watermelons on your chest and that guy not looking twice at you.

Expectation: “Exercising wouldn’t be a problem! I’d just wear a sports bra!”

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: ...Or two or three or 5000.

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

I haven’t ran in ten years because I don’t want people staring at my whole my boobs bounce all over the place and throw out my back at the same time. And sports bras do NOT get the job done because they are too flimsy, don’t cover the entire boob, or they will at first until the boobs find a way to free themselves and stretch out the sports bra... Yet another reason why I’d rather stay inside and eat pizza.

Expectation: “They would be so perky!”

P.S. Best Show Ever :)
P.S. Best Show Ever :)

Reality: Ever heard of gravity?

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

They sag down and make me feel like a grandma because I can’t get away with not wearing a bra because they droop down to my tummy. I would only get complimented on my body if I wear a bra!

Expectation: “You’ll learn to love them!”

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

Reality: Yeah :)

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality

My boobs can be a real pain in the ass, but they’re my pain in the ass and I learned how to live with them and how to dress with them. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I wish they weren’t so big and I wish that I could take them off at the end of the day (my fellow busty girls will feel me), but they’re a part of what makes me feel sexy and a huge (pun intended) part of what makes me... me :)

Thanks for reading and may you and (if you have them) your boobs, big or small, have a great day!

Having Big Boobs: Expectations vs. Reality
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Most Helpful Girls

  • wingattebaby16
    I get you on this one.

    I was an A cup most of my life.

    Last Aug 2017, i was prego 4 mos and my boobs went up to a full C cup. Had a miscarriage, but kept the boobs.

    I am a nanny/wet nurse for the family i live with and after starting to nurse, I am almost a full D cup. They do get in the way some times, but given a choice to going back to a tiny A cup or staying a large CC, I choose the CC.

    Not only for my own self esteem, but guys actually pay attention to me more now.

    I was one of those cute skinny girls that as soon as my boyfriend found a big boobed, wide hipped, curvy behind, flat/curvy stomach girl, he dumped me.

    Nothing worse than being at the mall with your boyfriend and a sexy girl walks by. "Cassie, damn.. i wish you had tits like hers! and OMFG, look at the sexy ass and legs!".. he was oblivious to what he just said and how it made me feel crappy about how i looked.
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  • SugarBlossom
    I'm crazy skinny and I hate it for multiple reasons and one of them being I'm a literal cereal box. If I didn't have a waist I would be a rectangle. I'm size AAA and I can never wear clothes with a cut lower than three inches from my neck, I can't dance sexily or flirt because my body looks the same as when I was 8. My mom tells me every summer, "They'll grow over the summer and you'll go back to school all curvy!" but they never do.
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    • Anonymous

      Well, you are only 16 and I actually had a friend of mine who was an A cup until she was 27 and she suddenly grew into an F cup. So maybe you’re just a late bloomer? But even if you aren’t, you’re still beautiful and there was a point in history where all women wanted small boobs 😃

    • No its genetic. My mom, both grandmas, and both aunts have small breasts, about a B. My sister Is the only exception with around a C?

    • you're right! they say though u inherit mostly from ur father's mom's side more!!

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Most Helpful Guys

  • SirRexington
    Im surprised you didn't mention back problems and shoulder problems.

    I'm sure I'd like your boobs, and many others too. But hopefully you can find a guy who sees you as more than a pair of boobs. Maybe one day you'll get a reduction, or maybe you won't.

    I really don't know what to say besides, boobs.
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    • Really nice comment man... though I don't know why, but from afar I thought your profile picture was a sea turtle, rather than a guy in a Jurassic World mask... lmao.

    • @TheManOfQuestions you thought I was a turtle?

    • Yes... 😂😂😂

      But that was BEFORE I clicked your profile and saw the full pic. 😂

      Plus, I had my glasses off, too. 😂

      But hey, don't feel bad... sea turtles are pretty majestic looking animals if you ask me.

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  • Anonymous
    ... 28L? Isn't that like, back-breaking size, or am I wrong here? I'm not being a jerk I'm genuinely asking, I still don't know about all the complexities that come to bras.
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    • Anonymous

      It just means that my bust measurement is 41 inches and my underbust is 28 inches.

    • Anonymous

      ... ? ... What's an underbust?

    • Its the area under the bust

      Not complicated mate

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  • Beautybynature
    Big boobs have and will always be ideal! They are nature's blessing! they look great in clothes and are the ultimate sign of femininty! get outta here with your flat chested jealous self!!!
    Small breasts are like a fat/obese girl. Big breasts are like a skinny/curvy girll. Society sees it as totally wrong and unnacceptable to publicly make fun of and call out fat girls, right? No one would tell their fat friend "hey, you need to lose some weight fatty!" but society doesn't see it as such a problem to poke fun (even mean "fun") at skinny girls. I've heard so many people say to skinny girls "You need a sandwich or something". Now, we shouldn't be trying to hurt anyone's self esteem. Fat girls don't want to be made fun of but neither do skinny girls. It's only thought of as more "ok" to make fun of skinny girls because most skinny girls meet society's definition of attractive, and they know that. So, if you make fun of a skinny girl, it's going to hurt, but she can still walk away knowing that most of society finds her attractive so it'll probably affect her self esteem less. If you insult a fat girl, it's going to hurt A LOT more because she's going to walk away knowing that she does NOT meet society's ideal and that most people aren't going to find her attractive. It cuts a lot deeper. It's the same thing for boobs. It's more OK to put down big breasts because at the end of the day, big breasts are society's ideal of beauty and everyone knows this. If you insult a small breasted woman, it hurts a lot more because she already knows her breasts are undesirable by society's standards, and having someone reinforce this is painful. Making fun of big chested women or trying to put them down usually either (a) comes from a place of jealousy. Many small breasted females feel inadequate and to cope with that they'll put down or throw underhanded digs at well endowed women to try and make themselves feel better or (b) when it's guys, they're usually white knights (look it up) trying to boost the self esteem of small breasted women at the expense of the women who have been blessed with more assets <<(why do you think they're called assets! They're obviously a good thing!)

    Girl keep lying to yourself!!! WOULD MEN PREFER A 1 INCH PENIS OR A 9 INCH!!! YOU ARE A LIAAR IF YOU SAY A 1 INCH!!! heck, some males lie about their peen size and add inches!! But even males with small penises do not bash on or take hits at big penis males!!! despite soicety making fun of sma
    • Nobody is trying to look like

    • Uuuuh... hey so... I'm a guy... and I gotta say... telling people what we are all like... and what we are ACTUALLY like... two different things. I personally like things average sized. Too small or too big could mean health problems and if so, shouldn't become a fetish or sexualized. Also too, men and women come in ALL shapes and sizes. Big body women can have HUGE boobs or small ones and so can skinnier women. I know this because I've seen it. In real life. Met them all. The thing is too, not ALL men like huge boobs. In fact, PLENTY of us prefer average or even petite size. I actually think petite size is kinda cute. On the dick thing, I've heard many girls say dicks too big hurt and ruin sex for them. Hell, ya know a girl in florida literally CHOKED TO DEATH on a blowjob recently right? www.yourtango.com/.../florida-man-says-his-girlfriend-choked-death-his-big-penis-during-blowjob As a guy, I know they only make condoms so big and I do NOT want it breaking. C. I. P.

    • ROFL !!!
      I wish I could give "n" number of thumbs up to this comment. Sounds legit and straight forward!

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  • MlleCake
    I'm sure you can relate.
  • TrixiePooch
    I think having smaller boobs is the best option for me. My aunt had small boobs and they were perky til the day she died. Girls with big boobs do have the advantage of playing shuffleboard with their saggy boos when they get old.

    Do you boobs hang low can you swing them to and fro?
    Can you tie them in a ribbon can you time them in a bow?
    Can you sling them over your shoulder like a continental soldier
    Do your boooobs hang... Low?
    • Big boobs have and will always be ideal! They are nature's blessing! they look great in clothes and are the ultimate sign of femininty! get outta here with your flat chested jealous self!!!
      Small breasts are like a fat/obese girl. Big breasts are like a skinny/curvy girll. Society sees it as totally wrong and unnacceptable to publicly make fun of and call out fat girls, right? No one would tell their fat friend "hey, you need to lose some weight fatty!" but society doesn't see it as such a problem to poke fun (even mean "fun") at skinny girls. I've heard so many people say to skinny girls "You need a sandwich or something". Now, we shouldn't be trying to hurt anyone's self esteem. Fat girls don't want to be made fun of but neither do skinny girls. It's only thought of as more "ok" to make fun of skinny girls because most skinny girls meet society's definition of attractive, and they know that. So, if you make fun of a skinny girl, it's going to hurt, but she can still walk away knowing

  • BuchitaBuchys
    Meh. Big boobs are still better. Yes, some men like or are ok with small, but more men prefer larger.
    This take is kinda like "why having a happy marriage isn't always great". Yes, we know it's not always great, and there are downsides, but given the choice, most people would rather take what you have.
  • thomas24
    Don’t compare yourself to others. Most of the people that you come in contact with are on a different path or at a different stage of life than you are. Try to celebrate others’ happiness, bodies, accomplishments, and good fortune instead of comparing them to your own.
  • Jack_L_andTurn
    Kind of a said statement on society that we look so much as the external that invariably fade and rarely consider what really matters, the heart of the person.
  • traegirl
    I really appreciate your thoughts right now as I'm trying to play college soccer w/pretty big boobs (not as big as yours) & there ain't no sports bra holdin' these girls back. There are good ones though, but over $100.
    And I'm really a minority of one at this level, as far as I've seen.
    Really ty!!
    I never wanted breasts. I got them at 9 - 11 but they did not grow much more , thankfully. I was the biggest chest for a few years but most of my friends are much much bigger in that department now. I don’t think breasts are ugly I’m just really active and it’s get in the way. But I never thought about it from a attention grabbing POV... just a practical one.
  • Knighted2170
    If your having trouble finding clothes that fit. Try looking up Women's Bespoke Clothing. The prices are not outrageous and can be tailor made to your exact measurements.
    There are several places that do this. Just search for the one that you like the most, and within your price range. The places I go charge about as much I would pay in a department store. But, they fit perfectly.
  • Lovvercase
    Nice take, but try a nicki minaj booty, only this time it's natural and there is no way you could get rid of it, double the creepers and no warnings about when it'll grow because i was born with it. Ugh.
  • TheManOfQuestions
    Though I personally love how big boobs look, if I was a girl and could choose my proportions, I'd not sure I'd want big boobs for all the reasons you listed. From what you and many other women say, it sounds like a pain in the ass.

    The only ones who don't mind big boobs AT ALL are porn stars... but even then, those are just actors. Maybe in day to day normal life even they have trouble.
  • yoshi_wanna_ask
    Heh, this is so true. I hate going bra shopping, it's like getting into a fight with one of those old spring stretch exercise machines. I agree with everything you've said so much but then there's also the back and neck pain. The strain is real.
  • I’m a guy and little did I think I would grow boobs soo big. I’m a 34 C cup. And my god the accuracy. Clothes for guys are so straight like they never take into account the chest area it’s like all guys have pancake tittys to conpanies. I’ll find a nice sweatshirt great but oh wait my bust is just too big in them.
    Then there's comfort with boobs my size there’s always rubbing against fabric it hurts.
    Running? Hurts too.
  • EmmaMary
    OMG. How I can relate to all of what you've put.
    I've just undergone having a BR procedure to reduce my 34KK's down to a more healthy, respectable and manageable 34D/DD.
  • jss123
    Great take. Its true what you said about getting it very quickly. As a man I can relate to some of what you said. The same happened to me during puberty. I got puberty very late. I was flooded with hormones. Everything grew very fast. Nothing you're told can ever prepare you for it.
  • TomasLyy
    Girls shouldn't care about boobs, but who am i kidding they listen to no one and feel insecure until death, but boobs are only second to butts, and butts anyone can improve so ladies, work on that bottom. It's the true light of a woman's figure
  • OliviaandViv
    I relate to this. It's like no matter what style you go for, it's either not flattering or it looks like you're trying too hard to "flatter" your curve
    • lies!!! speak for yourself too!! big boobs look the best in clothes.. its flat chests that look like children and look frumpy in clothing!

    • @Beautybynature If I wear form fitting stuff, I get accused for showing off. If i wear loose fitting things, my boobs usually fill them out and then the fabric comes straight down from them so it looks like my whole body is as big as my boobs are and that my waste is wide.

  • CasaNorba
    i'm pretty sure flat-chested women have it far more worst
    • CCammiee14

      Why do you think that is?

    • CasaNorba

      @CCammiee14 I've personally heard (and even know a few) a lot of flat chested women in the past complain about the fact they have no boobs. and they sounded very complexed about it too.

      hell I think I once came across a female user here on this site who was a prime example of this. I think she even said that she never takes her shirt off whenever she and her boyfriend get it on.

    • CCammiee14

      I'm not invaliding your opinion (or trying not to at least), but I fail to see how feeling insecure about having a smaller than average chest is worse than back pain, chest pain, and having hard problems finding the right fitting clothing in stores? All they have to do is go to the teen aisle and boom they having what they are looking for. It takes me forever to find the right size and I have had to go to 3 different stores to look and only found 1.

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  • Browneye57
    My god... all that for THAT? lol

    If they're big they want them small. If they're small they want them big. There's just NOOOO pleasing you. ;)
    • LIES!! I know many girls with big boobs and small waists... they are not trying to get rid of them! they are anatural blessing! this is created by flat chested bitter females!!!

    • @Beautybynature - LOL. Yeah, could be. ;)

    • If they red head, they want to be brunette, if brunette , they want to be blonde. I have always excepted what I was born with. If you have to change your looks to get a guy or have more friends , are those people really worth it? Are you pleasing yourself or others? Not to mention, are you saying God got it wrong?

  • Anon-ymous1
    Tits are good, bigger tits are better. That's all I need to know.
    • even when they are drooly and grandma like? you guys have a bit of a childish expectation of what big boobs means.

    • @levantine99 No, not when they are "drooly" (I assume you meant droopy?) and grandma-like. That's the exception obviously.

    • more like the norm. gravity is a bitch

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  • LegateLanius
    Wow. I'm also surprised that you didn't mention back and shoulder problems
  • clampfan101
    Cute and funny. If you do have a button pop out, I hope it does with cartoon force and accuracy to hit a the guy with that kind of pick up line in the eye. lmao
    I’m glad you learned to like them. I like big and small ones in different ways.
  • Red-wolf
    the reason why they sagg is because you're wearing a bra,

    when will the day come when women release that bras are really bad for you?

    you really don't need them.
    • 100% agreed. The less clothing people have to buy, the better. I don't think women like bras necessarily. Unless into fashion, it's just a chore I'm sure. And even so, the sizing and paying issues are likely never fun. But let's look at us men for a second. Who owns the bra fashionista of the world? Who decides pricing and rules companies involved with it? Really, it SHOULD be women since it's a woman's issue, but it seems it's often men. That's like women trying to decide how urinals should be installed. Or in charge of thick beard shaving companies. It makes no sense. I think women should fully rule women's fashion while men rule theirs. Of course, some women will be greedy and continue selling bras anyways, so that's why no matter who runs clothing companies, the common people, men and women work to eliminate bras and whatever other clothing. Demanding that prices not be abusive either.

    • Red-wolf

      just wanna write something to all the ladies that disliked me *science* agrees with me.

      i just want the best for you guys, i think most girls wear bras because other girls do it. wich is a dumb reason.

    • OK, Imma try to explain this so an angry female does not come and yell at you here cause believe me, they will. Hell, they go off sometimes more on true LITERAL male feminists than they do people that have raped them. But that's a case for another time. Anyways, the point is, both males and females are to blame for bras. Males often can't control their penis, or at least CLAIM that, so therefore, demand women wear bras, cover up, bla blah BLAH. In reality as you say, there may in fact be no need for bras. In fact, clothing I think has been blown WAY out of what it was supposed to be, which is simply protection from the elements. Elements were supposed to be more weather or so, not other human's gazes or erections. I also think it's quite unfair that men can go topless but women can not. The sexualization of boobs is stupid. They are balls of fat for fucks sake. What's next? Sexualized belly buttons? That's a part of sexuality. Nobody gets concerned about those though!

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  • mistress_zoe
    I feel your pain about big boobs. The hardest for me is finding nice blouses and bras to wear. It's a big reason I stay slim so it's easier to shop.
  • ZoeAdams2
    I understand this completely.

    "Are they sagging? I'm only 20 with 34DD
  • JimRSmith
    Never thought about most of this before - interesting read!
  • Sevenpointfive
    you said boobs like a million times. i love it. mmm...
  • Logorithim
    Although I love big boobs on a woman, if I were female, I would rather have small ones.
  • markscott
    Your post was funny and informative. by the way. I understand that you don't want to always show off your boobs, and can't help but show them off many times. Guys know you can't help it, and don't look at you as someone who is trying to flash the world, or entice the world. While we like the way you look, just as we like the way a girl with a nice face or a nice ass looks, we know you are much more than your boobs, just as they are more than whatever assets they have. Guys don't see you as just boobs, and see you as a person, much more often than you realize.
  • Jaded214
    Haha I love this. I wanted boobs so bad, until they didn't stop growing at a C cup!
  • TripleAce
    Who'sthat girl in the front display image lol... so she's so hot
  • CuChullan
    Love this take. Being a big boob owner is no picnic.
    The PMS boobs when you have large is another ball game!!
  • Pink2000
    The only thing I hate about having big boobs is some clothes make me look fat.
    • my friends have huge boobs and thats not an issue... they have small waists though!!!

    • Pink2000

      @Beautybynature I have a small waist. Certain clothes make me look fatter than what I am. Plus I’m short.

    • So what? Kat denning an dkim k are "short" so is scarlett johansen, vida guerra, jessica simpson, nikki minaj,,, etc... the only time u would be fat is if u had no shape!!! u can look frumpy but fat? no!!! height has nothing to do with it. Whats with u low self esteemed females. I have big boobs an dim shoort.. boo hoo.. do u want to look like a 7 fot tall tranny? heffa sspend millions to have ur body! most women in the world are not tall!!! embrace ur height and the body God blesse d u with. Find clothes that aceentuate ur small waist!!! fat people have no waist! its not small at all! theyre shapeles.. hence, fat

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  • BirdFan360
    I am here to say all boobs are nice. Guys love boobs. Case and point.
  • CubsterShura
    Girl, you are speaking my mind out loud now 😂😭😭😭💕
    • by the way if any girl got tips on dressing in professional clothes on a busty figure PLEASE enlighten me cause I only have a few pieces and they are SO UNFLATTERING but I need them for an event so yeah help me outttt 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • What?
      A 17year old knows the big boobs problems already? How big are you?

    • @wubbalubba_dubdub None of your fucking business, get out.

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  • DamnMan
    If they are hurting your body, I've heard of breast reduction surgery.
    That may be an option.
  • Surely
    Funny, but I guess so true! Good luck with your girls.
  • MatthewOD
    Very informative my take. You seem to have a good sense of humour.
  • NYCQuestions1976
    28L? Those aren't boobs. That's an emergency condition.
    • A 28 bandsize is rare... but hey! if thrye natural thats all that counts!! big boobs for the win.

  • potatoperf
    But still, they're AWESOME!
  • Astoriana
    The back pain. You forgot the back pain.
  • RedRobin
    Nice take
  • simplyaramdomgirl
    Agreed! Great take! 💙
  • xxxsophstax
    Relate to this on a spiritual level
  • Dargil
    Well thought out and prepared.
  • RegularTK421
    I think everyone hates their body.
  • BillieJean1070
    I'm so glad I'm only a 34B.
  • Penelope_
    Lol this is so true
  • rafflesia
    huge boobs give you back pain I've heard = no fun
    • thats a myth ! even docs agree!! boobs dont cause back pain.. poor posture and obesity does! i know many women with huge boobs nd no backpain.. and i know flat women with backpain!!!

  • apple24
    Hahahaha nice