Into Darkness, by ManOnFire

Into Darkness, by ManOnFire

Blackness covers me
and there is no place for me
to dwell,
like a lost spirit in the night
Not even the sun can
crack through the
blinding black

Dragged to death through
a desert of sorrow
fallen from heaven into darkness
I can feel nothing but pain
yet feel nothing at all with
a head hung low and
a heart so exhausted

This soul has gone black and cold
and so has the mind
No care for myself
and none who care for me
or about me
no care for my future
only foolish care for others

Into Darkness, by ManOnFire

I lower myself to my knees
not in prayer but punishment
Continually I face the storms
and never find rest
A broken past and present
and an uncertain future
I have climbed the rock of ages
and am so tired
so tired
All joy has been gone for so
long that it remains a
like a golden age in
written history

Into Darkness, by ManOnFire

Sometimes you hate when
you know you're right
some days it seems that
death is at your doorstep
the clouds hang lower and
lower as the days and months
go on, and I am
covered in so much pain
so much pain

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  • That's very deep and very sad, it's written with a lot of feeling and passion. I can tell. Good job.

  • Man thats really deep, it really channels that emotion. Great writing

  • Good take.

  • It's very nicely written. Interesting read

  • Black People are so weird


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