Dear Yahweh, by ManOnFire

Dear Yahweh, by ManOnFire

Dear Yahweh
raise my eyes to heaven
and give your strength to this
wilting soul,
because I have none
For great is your mercy
and so is the cover of
your wings

Let me not be a slave
to the oppressor,
keep my heart from wandering
back to Egypt
keep me in perfect peace
and do what you wanted
me to ask you to
If I can't make them see it
I know you can

Dear Yahweh, by ManOnFire

Jesus, I am afraid of the truth
and afraid of what I can't see
release me from this burden
for this is not your will
Preach to this spirit in prison
I know you have a way
for me but my eyes are too
low to see it

Help me to let go of
those who let go of me
heal me of the lies, the loss,
and the laughter
Help the world
to understand because
I know no other way
Continue to keep the foolish
out of my path
but draw close to me the
ones who love goodness

Dear Yahweh, by ManOnFire

Dear Yahweh
Blessed be your name
because you already
knew everything
I needed to say.


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  • "Let me not be a slave" that is definitely a smart hope to have as a christian. Exodus 21 and leviticus 25:44 allow slavery, so it's something to worry about.

    Can you ask Yahweh why he was such a dick to Job for me? I've asked so many times but he never responds.

    • Slavery in that time wasn't the same as slavery that was in the 19th century and so on... slaves were just like normal servants in our modern day in that time

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      As for my children, in terms of religion, I will raise them the way my parents raised me, I will let them evaluate whatever they want and they can choose what they believe. However I will try to teach them rationality and scepticism, since I natually don't want my child joining a cult or anything, I need to give them methods to use to decide whether they are being manipulated, as well as to evaluate the truth of something. I hope that such methods will protect them, but in the end their belief is their belief and I won't step into their religion unless they are experiencing serious damage as a result of it (for example they join a cult that demands 80% of your income or something like that).

      Also, I don't despise faith. I dont know where you got that idea. I think faith is a bad argument, but I don't despise it.

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      @screenwriter wait... did you actually read verses that I linked? I was confused because it sounded like you were responding to something I said but I couldn't figure out what. I feel like most christians ignore the verses I quote and assume they know the bible better because they rarely seem to directly respond to those parts of the bible.

      Yes, it was not nice to be a slave, big surprise. You could take a female indentured servant as your wife and therefore she wouldn't leave after 7 years, you could find a wife for your indentured servant and then either he serves you for life or he gets to leave knowing that you will legally own his wife and any children they had. And that's indentured servants the Israelites who were priviledged enough to be released after 7 years, they had a provision in the bible saying not to rule over Israelites ruthlessly, the real slaves had it worse. The real slaves came from the nations around Israel, they were owned for life and passed on to children as inheritance. They could also be beaten if they didn't die within a day or two exodus 21:20-21.

  • Beautiful.. i hope i can reunite totally with God and i hope i can find the person in which i will see God.


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  • Thank you we all need to humble ourselves before God.

  • Amen! Nice to see another Christian on here.
    I just don't know why you still use yahweh toug

    • Many christians do, what you call him mostly depends on your denomination of christianity. Protestants are a decent example of this, but essentially denominations that uses a more literal old testament view typically call him by a hebrew name. Mormons call him Jehovah. Some denominations call elohim.

  • This is real I felt everything you said.

  • WOW nice poem

  • Amen to that!

  • Preach brother preach!

  • 4d

    Interesting. Bravo. 👋👏

  • So, are you a Jew or a Christian?

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