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What I say and what I actually mean


Have a good day ~ sometimes I actually mean it ............... other times it means " Okay I've had enough of your bs I just ended the convo shut tf up

No problem ~ obviously means welcome

sheshhhhh meshhhhh ~ I'm soo bored

......................... ~ can you say something

oops ~ my bad or well dang

ahhh okay ~ sometimes it means Idc or I just don't know how to respond

yepers ~ means yep or yeah I'm just extra so I add an ers and I like the way it sounds

Woshhhhh ~ bored

There may be some other things I'm not thinking of atm I'll update this later

What I say and what I actually mean
What I say and what I actually mean
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  • Brainsbeforebeauty
    Now I'm tempted to go back through replies to see what if any you used on me 🤔😂😂 But as my sometimes lazy daughter would say, that's doing too much 😂
    Nice review 🙂
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  • cjgsu
    I see. So i should expect a lot woosh coming from u when @LEADFOOTboi arrives
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    • Niya2006

      lmfao maybe

    • cjgsu

      Oooh daddy gonna be mad at u

    • Niya2006

      nuuuuu I was kidding don't be mad @LEADFOOTboi

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Most Helpful Guy

  • In_Trance
    I have one response for each and every situation in life; it's straight into the point.

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  • Lol good to know for the future. I should do one of these!
    This don't have nothing indicating the response to one of my questions... care to extrapolate?
    • Niya2006

      Ohhh ummm I was also bored and I like messing with you sooo

    • but it was like... you said that... after you said you'd be gone and busy for a while... then nothing...

    • Niya2006


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  • mom_life1112
    Thanks appreciate it -> never fucking mind I'll go it
  • Iron_Man
    Definitely Americanized that’s how we Americans talk
  • JoyGirl
    Noice... lol 💜
  • Gwenhwyfar
    I totally agree with you ❀️
  • scott04sa22
    I think you lost me there.
  • wamie
    • Niya2006

      that's my thingggggg

      :o did I rub off on you?

    • chriscdi

      no i was asking what wamie means in your "language"

    • Niya2006

      Oh lmao

      it means dang it mostly

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  • Tstrbrainer
    Yepers 😀😃😄
  • msc545
    Thanks - that clarifies some of your responses :)
  • knight2468
    Good topic