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Good girl gone bad

Good girl gone bad

The moment I thought I lost,
The moment I thought I won't make it,
The moment I thought I should give up,
I realized that I am the one giving up, not my fate.

Yeah I am greedy. Yeah I am selfish. I am pretty bad right? Yeah and that's the dangerous side of me. A scary fact about me is that I don't have any limits and I won't give up. I am pretty stubborn and once I love something, I won't let go easily. Trust me when I say my grip is pretty tight. Yes I am a bad girl with greed, selfishness and hunger of success. And now that I know I have hopes, I won't hold back anymore. I won't let you go, my love. My passion is my love.

I thought my mom was speaking illogical stuff when she said that everything comes true when you pray with your pure mind. And indeed it is false, as a bad girl I didn't pray, I snatched it. But I am a villain who is a broken hero. The one who is done with everything and I don't care now. I will just go my way. I see a ray of light and I won't waste my time trying out everyone's opinion and I will go my way.

An injured and hungry tiger is the most scariest one, I have been hurt and not given my part which I truly deserve. I am injured and hungry for freedom and now I ain't stopping for anyone.

I don't know whether people around me are becoming immature or it's me who is being more mature than others. I just feel like there is other better opinion than what people say.

Everybody, say hello to a new Apple. Who is damn dark....and broken. Now I am going to blast the world like anything. Good girl gone bad. No more your naive kid who cried everytime.

(don't mind me, just trying to be more powerful and give off that bad girl vibe in my writing skills with a tint of darkness and depression. A pure new style of writing. I am saying you this will be really dark just like a very powerful coffee. Before it was like about a girl who is betrayed by everyone for her innocence but now that same girl doesn't care and lives off her life not giving a damn about others. See my writing style as a story and you will understand. This is like another chapter of my quotes. This somewhat relates to my current life too. Everything I write is related to my life in one or other way.)

Good girl gone bad
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  • love_conquers_lust

    Profound. The dark selfishness usually ends up hurting others. One keeps spiraling downward with tunnel vision to keep up the pursuit, like a predator. One focuses on what one wants and take without remorse. Tightening one’s grip, more and more…until it chokes out the life of that which one was holding onto. And you usually hurt those around you in your wake.

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    • So true, but here they destroyed the person so bad that she doesn't trusts humanity anymore. Don't worry I am not that kind of person in real life, just in writing style.

  • Staximus

    Hey crazy girl, just be good to people that are good to you and the hell with everybody else

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  • JaxiCats

    It’s a strong message

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  • Curmudgeon

    I can feel the hurt through my computer screen. I wish you the best.

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  • serious

    This is so beautiful and yet so powerful. Excellent.

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    • Yes I intended to make it more powerful and aggressive type. Thank you!