A Stereotype For Every State in the United States of America: Part Two

A Stereotype For Every State in the United Stated of America: Part Two

This is the second and final part of my MyTake on stereotypes in America. I had to do this in two parts because of the MyTake text limit. Click here for the first part.

Again, this is mainly for fun, so don't get offended. I'll mention this again to, the "Facts" I found were found through light research on the internet. I'm in no way shape or form saying they are 100% accurate or not.


Stereotype: Nobody lives in or cares about Montana
Fact: According to the 2012 United States Census, Montana is 44th in popularity. While it is one of the least populated states(which is shocking for its massive physical size), there are still six states below it, including Alaska which gets attention on television for reality TV. And I'm sure many people care about Montana.


Stereotype: Everyone in Nebraska is a farmer.
Fact: According to Stuffaboutstates.com, Nebraska has more farmland(in accordance to its size) than any other state, with 93% of the state being farmland! While Nebraska does have a lot of rural land, it also have several urban areas as well. And just because there are people living on farms, doesn't mean they are active farmers(I found that out quick here in Ohio.)


Stereotype: People in Nevada are compulsive gamblers!
Fact: It's a little hard to ignore this one, especially with Las Vegas being a centerpiece here in America. However, there are casinos all over the state as well. According to usatoday, Nevada does indeed rank in more money from gambling and casinos than any other state. However, if you eliminate Las Vegas from the equation, it wouldn't be much different than most states.

New Hampshire:

Stereotype: New Hampshire is the only "conservative" state in the northeast.
Fact: Without a doubt, New Hampshire is probably the most conservative state in the northeast region but that doesn't make it a conservative state. In politics, it's a "swing-state" and goes back and forth from voting Republican/Democrat. I would still guess the people have a liberal ideology.

New Jersey:

Stereotype: Everyone in New Jersey acts like the people from the show Jersey Shore.
Fact: This is one I have to base on from my exeperience from people from Nall; and the show is all for TV. This reality show ruined this state's reputation. People from the state have told me the people there are nothing like the show at all; and the show is all for TV.

New Mexico:

Stereotype: New Mexico is full of drug cartels
Fact: Similar to New Jersey, this stereotype emerged from a TV Show: Breaking Bad. After doing research on DEA.com, it seems drug cartels and dealing is a major problem in the southwest in general, which includes Arizona, areas in Texas, southern California, and so on. It's not just New Mexico.

New York:

Stereotype: People in New York are rude
Fact: This is a very popular stereotype which everyone thinks is true....well it seems at least. According to a survey posted on Dailymail.com, Americans voted New York as the rudest state. According to people I've talked to who have been to New York, they claim New York City is rude but they had a different outlook on the outskirts of the state. Even though it's the most populated city in the world, I'm sure it doesn't represent the entire state-Not to mention there are several tourists here as well.

North Carolina:

Stereotype: There are a lot of Native Americans in North Carolina!
Fact: I've been to Cherokee Village, but if you take that out of the equation here, it's not too big. According to the 2010 United States Census, North Carolina is 1.4% Native American, which does happen to be ranked 14th in the nation. However, more than likely, you won't see any "Indians" in North Carolina.

North Dakota:

Stereotype: It's always snowy in North Dakota!
Fact: As I already mentioned in this MyTake, Alaska gets more inches of snow than any other state per year: By a LONG shot. However, according to Currentresults.com, North Dakota ranks in at number three, right behind Minnsota for second place on the list. But it's too hot in the Spring and Summer for snow in North Dakota: So it's not always snowy.


Stereotype: Ohio is only known for Ohio State Football!
Fact: I've lived in Ohio my entire life, so I have so much to say about this. I will admit, there does seem to be an unhealthy obsession with Ohio State here(and not just football, they worship the college itself.) But we also have another high ranked college, which I attend, known as Miami University(AKA the "Ivy Lague" of the midwest.) We also have two huge amuesment parks, Cedar Point and Kings' Island. We also have the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame and Football Hall of Fame. We also have the extremely curvaceous model, Olivia "Jensen"(I know her real last name), who broke the internet in 2011. There is so much to do here, yet we get known for the Ohio State Buckeyes. Lovely.


Stereotype: Oklahoma is the most "conservative" state in the country.
Fact: This is another politically fueled stereotype. Back in the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections, Oklahoma was the only state in both elections in which every county/district voted for the Republican candidate, so you can say there is some truth here. However, it has still voted for a Democrat before a few other states, such as Utah, Alaska and Texas. I'm also not sold that they have the ultra-conservative mindset either.


Stereotype: Oregon is full of tree-huggers!
Fact: I think this one is played out more in movies than anything. According to Forbes.com, Oregon does rank second in the nation(behind Vermont) in environmental "friendliness." I could argue there is some abiguity to that term. But the state quite literally looks green-At least in photos!


Stereotype: Pennsylvania has the best food in the country!
Fact: I don't know if this is just a stereotype here in Ohio about our neighboring state, but I think people just fall in love with their Philly cheesesteaks. Ironically, they don't seem to be too popular outside of Philadelphia-I don't think they exist in Pittsburgh or Harrison, Pennsylvania, do they?

Rhode Island:

Stereotype: Rhode Island is full of Ivy League students!
Fact: Rhode Island has one of the eight Ivy League colleges in the country(Brown University.) According to a census on Education.com, Rhode Island is ranked 13th in the country for percentage of people with at least a bachelor's degree, by the age of 25. Key Age: 25. And who is to say how many of them were Ivy League Students? I wonder how many out-of-state students attend Brown University.

South Carolina:

Stereotype: Myrtle Beach in South Carolina isn't a "real" beach!
Fact: I get it: A beach isn't located in Florida, California or Hawaii, so people automatically think it sucks. Well, I've been there and I liked it. I didn't have the blast I did in Florida, but it's still a real beach and I almost felt like I was in Florida. There are beaches all over the nation.

South Dakota:

Stereotype: South Dakota is only known for Mount Rushmore!
Fact: There is no doubt the Mount Rushmore mountain is the most well know thing about this state, that's a given. But I went back to Tripadvisor.com and found there are many amuesment parks in this state, more than most people would imagine. There are also large parks and there is the motor cycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota every year. It's obviously known for a little more than that mountain-thingy!


Stereotype: People in Tennessee are so friendly!
Fact: As I mentioned in this Mytake already, the Ku Klux Klan was founed in Tenessee and there are still many groups active in the state. To be honest, I do meet a lot of friendly people in the state, whever I visit but that could also be a "act" too! After all, I go to tourist-friendly areas.


Stereotype: People in Texas are arrogant and want the state to be its own country!
Fact: According to Abc7Chicago.com, Texas is ranked 13th in "patriotism", which is ranked with how many Veterans live there(which is a lousy methodlogy.) So maybe they like America afterall. However, they did want to secceed from the union a few years ago. I think people in Texas purposely portray this stereotype to play mind games with the country. Internet vixen Jessica Kylie loves our country and isn't arrogant at all.


Stereotype: Utah is loaded with Mormons!
Fact: Not only is this probably the most widely believed Stereotype in the country, this one bears the most truth on this list. According to Huffingtonpost.com, 60% of the residents in Utah claim to be Mormons and belonging to the Curch of the Latter-Day Saints. That is the highest percentage in the country by a mega-long shot-No other state compares. It makes me wonder how the other 40% feel about the 60%.....


Stereotype: Vermont is so "beautiful"!
Fact: According to Travelaway.com, Colorado is the state with the best scenery; Vermont, the "Red" mountain state, doesn't even make the top ten. However, the list is subjective and I'm sure others would disagree.


Stereotype: Virginia is half-northern, half-southern
Fact: There is no doubt Virginia is some form of a "gateway" to the south, along with Kentucky. However, the reason this stereotype exists is because northern Virginia is so much different than southern Virginia(I can vouch that to be true too.) Regardless, it seems Virginia has too many "southern" lifestyles to be a northern state: As far as mindset, politics, the way they cook, the beach, etc. I'm sure @XHoneyXBeeX would agree with me it's a southern state.


Stereotype: Washington is always rainy!
Fact: According to Currentresults.com. Washington isn't even that rainy. It's ranked 29th in the country for rainfall in inches per year. It may be a beautiful, green state but their rain isn't too bad compared to the rest of the country. I wonder why people think this about this state?

Washington, District of Columbia:

Stereotype: People in Washington D.C. hate guns!
Fact: Even though it's not a state, this district still gets its share of stereotypes. This is a more recent stereotype, because of the gun control debates linking it to the ridiculous amount of violence in the district. However, this makes no sense at all: In Washington D.C., you can own virtually any gun-You just can't carry it anywhere. Roughly half of the citizens still own guns. This stereotype bears little to no truth to it.

West Virginia:

Stereotype: West Virginia has a lot of drug addicts!
Fact: I've been to the state, so let me tell you, I am very very very very skeptical of the statistics I found on the Cdc website, but West Virginia apparently doesn't even rank in the top 25 in states with illicit drug use. Did they pull the statistic out of their butt? I have no idea. Maybe they just don't report it as much?


Stereotype: Wisconsin loves cheese!
Fact: Another popular stereotype in the country. Wisconsin does indeed produce the most cheese and it's not even a contest. However, does this mean the residents living there love cheese? Who knows? Most of their cheese is imported to other states anyway.


Stereotype: Wyoming is the modern day "wild wild west"!
Fact: This is a funny stereotype, because Wyoming is known for their lax gun laws, conservative nature, western attitude and bull-riding contests. There are no statistics on how many "cowboys" there are, or people who are "westerners." Just going by reputation alone, this stereotype doesn't surprise me at all. They also have a lot of bull-riding there.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Of all the US states I've visited in, Montana was my favourite. I pulled over off the highway and stripped right down to nothing to change my clothes and not one car was in sight for probably an hour or so. Felt very freeing - not boring! :)

    I know it was in your first one, but I love California for the people (I also have a cousin living there now), and their wonderful carefree laidback attitude. I have a ring made from Black Hills gold - so you forgot that in your facts for SD! I've had the best conversations with people from Arizona. I don't know why - they just seem to all be in-the-know with current events and have strong feelings about many issues from religion to politics (and yes, immigration), and they also know things going on elsewhere in the world, which is rare from Americans. Sorry, Americans, you really don't know much about other countries. :( So it was refreshing to talk to a few that did - were from Arizona.

    I'm also driven by my love for beautiful scenery, and of all the states, I was most captivated by Nevada. I was so attracted to the mountains in the north. People think desert?--I think of the mountains, wild flowers, and fresh air east of Reno. Lovely country, that area.

    • Amazing insight!

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    • The "fact" part was sort of a "Did You know" in a way, except they aren't necessarily 100% accurate facts.

    • Oh okay, I was thinking of actually making the title Did You Know.. and just leave the stereotypes out. Maybe one or two unique facts like weird laws or something and other things for fun that people wouldn't know that are really off. The facts here can be spotted right away by locals to that state, but there might be some that might not realize a blowjob is illegal where they live. (Louisiana)

Most Helpful Guy

  • I am from Oklahoma, and I have to admit we totally deserve this stereotype. It isn't until you get to the cities like Tulsa or Oklahoma City that you find more liberal views. I know people that actually think Fox news is too liberal, and that the only thing making Fox news look conservative is how much crazier the other networks are.

    I consider myself fairly conservative, but most people I know in Oklahoma consider me a liberal because I am just slightly more in the middle than they are. I think that safe sex needs to be taught over abstinence only which we know doesn't work. I believe boys shouldn't be hit by their parents for crying because "boys don't cry". I am a crazy liberal to a lot of the people I know for things like that.

    To be fair there has been some changes over the years, and it isn't as bad as when I grew up. The media gets blamed for a lot, but on this one the media deserves some credit for changing peoples outlook, but overall people here are still very conservative.

    • On the topic of sexual education, an abstinence only education IF effective for teenagers to remain virgins but is not effective at all for STI's. I don't think sexual education even matters, because most adolescents are aware of sex, they just don't follow the safe methods.

      And if Oklahoma thinks Fox is too liberal, they must be ignorant lol.

    • Not all of Oklahoma thinks Fox is liberal, but several of the people I know do. lol

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What Girls Said 16

  • Yes, Virginia is most definitely a southern state. Northern Virginia near Fairfax and Washington, D. C. is very different compared to the rest of the state but overall, Virginia is very much southern. Our lifestyle and culture aligns with that of all of the other southern states. You'll find many people with southern accents here as well if you venture out from the cities. Most of Virginia is quite rural.

    Virginia seceded from the Union and actually, the Confederacy had 3 capitals, two of which were in Virginia (Richmond and Danville). The Civil War ended in my hometown too, General Lee surrendered to General Grant at our courthouse.

    • I KNEW you would have so much information about Virginia! I always learn so much from you.

    • haha! well the Civil War thing is really big in my town just because it ended here and I love history so I just know a lot about that. Lol

    • Roanoke and especially Southwest Virginia are extremely Southern minded

  • It gets pretty annoying when people forget that Ny is a STATE.
    Everytime I say I'm from Ny people assume I'm from Nyc so I always have to say NNY (Northern Ny) or Upstate.
    I've been to NYC before and a lot of kids from "the city" come up here and I can say that majority of the ones I've met are really sweet. They aren't any more rude than the people in other state's major cities.
    Oh, and I never knew Pennsylvania was stereotyped for having the best food in the country.
    I always thought it was good ol' southern food.

    • Nice take though 😏
      I enjoyed reading through it.

    • Exactly! Everyone thinks of New York City and forgets about other cities, such as the CAPITAL, Albany. I'm glad New York City has nicer people than what people think. I must say, I've met a fair share of rude people here in Ohio too.

  • Lol I so wasn't expecting PA's stereotype to be about food! I don't think we have the best food. It's like you said, we're just known for cheesesteaks. And being from Philadelphia I can tell you that most of the places that are "popular" for their cheesesteaks aren't frequented by locals lol. We do have awesome pretzels tho!

    Great Take! I enjoyed it!

  • Thank you this article :) I liked it, so much work must have gone into it!

    I live in SC, we hang on to that beach for dear life because the beach tourism, Charleston, and college football is about all we have going.

    • I appreciate your condolences. Yes, I put a lot of effort into it.

      Here in Ohio, nobody mentions Charleston or any other city, all people can think about is Myrtle Beach lol.

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    • Charleston is a lot like New Orleans

    • @smahala1991 They're both so cool :) I lived in New Orleans for a while as a child and for a tiny amount of time in Charleston.

  • I hope that you were wrong about Mississippi Iwill go to delta state university in 2 years.

    • What does it matter? If you want to go to a college, go to a college. That doesn't mean YOU have to be a college dropout or anything.

    • Mississippi is a cheap place to get an internship and experiences! I doubt I'll marry rich so I have to make my own money!

  • Pennsylvania born: the food in Pittsburgj is every bit as good as Philly. Quaker steak, primantis, etc are a couole big name places. But as a native of the area I could tell you a million awesome places to eat there.

    As a Virginia resident: this is kinda true. NOVA pretty Northern. Especially Fairfax and Alexandria. Bristol too. Central Virginia is touch and go but there are some major universities so a lot of transplants. Southern Virginia is pure Southern

  • OHIO IS KNOWN FOR THEIR FREAKING MARCHING BAND! Marching band is gr8!! Lived in Texas and no one complained about being their own country even though it was it's own country. Texans just want to be able to have guns basically.

    • Ohio State is pretty much known for everything but there is more emphasis on their football team than any other college I can think of.

      As far as guns, Ohioans are also obsessed with guns but nobody ever mentions that.

  • good take, although the pictures have got to do nothing with it... what was the point, really?

    i thought Tennessee was known as the country singers' hub

  • Finally my utah makes your list! ;)
    Yes there are lots of Mormons but I have many friends who aren't. Hopefully they like me?

  • As a non-US citizen, I just wanted to say: WTF is all the obsession with giant asses? Those girls look ridiculous and so disproportionate!

    • I actually have heard from many people in the United Kingdom that big butts are "in" there too. However, I haven't talked to people from Germany. There is an internet vixen who goes by "Sarah Big Butt" from Bavaria, Germany. However, her praise is from Americans lol.

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    • The first two girls I posted are more than like fake, I would agree but the last girl looks real.

    • I don't even dare to look again. The pics repulse me to my core.

  • I live on the dry side of Washington. It's very brown here. Mountains are the reason why the west side is wet and the east side is dry.

  • O-H

  • I live in Utah, and I'm not Mormon. I hate it here because I'm always talked to about converting to being a Mormon. The only nice thing about Utah is our mountains.

    • The scenery does look beautiful there! However, Utah seems like a great state in general, even if you're not a Mormon. When does anything "bad" happen in Utah? Lol.

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    • -I'm not saying its the highest death rate of prescription drugs over the entire country, I'm saying that's the highest death rate here, which I find horrible

      -the teen pregnancy rate would say otherwise. We do need to learn about protected sex because what they're doing now is obviously not working all that great.

      I'm not trying to get you to hate Utah. I'm just stating what I hate about it. Jeebus.

    • Oh, surprisingly, the teen pregnancy rate is at an all time low but people seem to be skeptical of those statistics. Even if teens practice SAFE sex, there is still a possibility of pregnancy (unless they can afford birth control, which I doubt.)

      I don't know about Utah, since I've never been there. I was just going by things I researched online.

  • I live in Washington state and it is raining all the time the only time it's not is early June-late September. I thought our stereotype is that we're all potheads lol. It seems like it though. My boyfriend is a pothead but I don't care.

    • really I live in Washington Pacific Northwest and I don't think it rains that much. Light showers maybe. It seems more cloudy all the time to me

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    • It's not rain it's moisture from the pacific. It's more cloudy all the time fog light showers. Rarely ever full force rain at least In my experience I live very close to Seattle.

    • I live by Portland. It feels like it never rains expect for in the winter. It's April and it is in the 80's.

  • I live in Ohio and I really don't care that much about football lol 😂 but I only live about an hour away from cedar point 🙌🏼 whoop whoop!

    • I love football, I just don't watch college sports. But you have to admit, it does seem like everyone here is obsessed with Ohio State, especially their football team.

    • That's definitely true. I'll even take pro football over college. But yeah people are pretty obsessive when it comes to Ohio state

    • I agree, I prefer professional sports MUCH MUCH more than college sports.

  • The one about oklahoma is true. Believe me I know... Things are so jacked up here.

    • Are you talking about a conservative way of life (such as dressing modest, not cussing, no drinking, etc) or conservative as in politics (such as anti-gay marriage, anti-abortion, pro-war, etc)?

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    • She doesn't go to either of those, she goes to the University of Oklahoma. She and her sorority think Obama is a terrorist lol.

    • I hate it here.

What Guys Said 21

  • Good take, bad pictures.

    • Why were the pictures bad?

    • What was the point in adding pics of big booty girls to this take?

    • 1. The first girl is a local model here in Cincinnati, Ohio.

      2. The second girl is an internet vixen who lives in Houston, Texas, who is the exact opposite of the Texas stereotype.

      3. The third girl just happened to have a big booty-But the point was, it's bull-riding (to highlight a Wyoming stereotype.)

  • Cool take, man! I'm from PA and I never knew people claim we hjave the best food! There are a lot of great places, and I'm not even in a city. My state also has the "Mushroom capitol of the world"

    I liked your insight on West Virginia's drug use. :-P

    • I think it's more of a Philadelphia stereotype.

      I know I seemed a bit harsh on West Virginia but I'm still extremely skeptical of those statistics.

  • I live in Washington. Half of the year does not rain at all. The east side of the state is just a desert with scorpions and rattlesnakes. This is Washington www.beautifulwashington.com/.../...ashington-4.jpg

  • I fucking love Montana

    • List of states I love
      States I hate
      Massachusetts (My own)

  • Alabama

    Stereotype - Ohio can obsess with football all they want but they win it and produce legends

    Fact - they do actually and they win Heisman too.

  • That is true What you said about NC, most of. the Native American population is. in Cherokee. Nice take though

  • I live in Washington state it's not always rainy but it's always cloudy and the moisture makes for a lot of temperate rainforests and moss. I think it's easier for people to remember that it's rainy rather than something more specific.

  • I never understood how Americans can be more obsessed about a college team then a professional team (providing the state has both)

    • DITTO! You're preaching to the choir. Why watch the amateurs when you can watch professionals?

  • "New York most populated city in the world".


    #21 at best.

    • You're right. I was mistaken there, my bad.

      I think I read a list once that New York City has the most people at all times out of every city in the world-If you include tourists that is.

    • In order for New York to be #1, there should be twice as many tourists than folks that actually live in there.
      New York has around ~9 million people living in there (not inc. tourists).
      Shanghai has somewhere around ~25 million people (not inc. tourists).
      Moscow around ~13 million people (not inc. tourists).

  • You need to expand on Wisconsin. How they have the best fans and best places to party.

    • The Wisconsin was another food stereotype but when people think of Wisconsin, they think of cheese. Wisconsin has the best places to party? I've never heard of that. I actually heard it's a cold, miserable, boring state to live in with nothing going on.

      As far as fans, I don't follow college sports but I know the Packers fans are die-hard (I agree here) but Brewers fans tend to be fairweather. I can't speak for the Bucks since I don't watch basketball.

    • Brewers and Bucks are meh. I was thinking the Packers and the Badgers. Yesss in Madison for game day. Its on of the better college towns lol.

  • Seems about right

  • I am from Pennsylvania, and they do have some good food, but one stereotype that I know of is that everyone thinks all Pennsylvanians are Amish. We most definitely are not...

  • Yes we Wisconsinites (wiscies?) love cheese.

  • Washingtonian here. It doesn't rain as much as it sounds, but when it does... Oh. My. Gawd.

  • Yeah the Virginia stereotype is very true. NOVA is totally different than the rest of the state.

  • Thank you for including Washington DC! We get no love.

  • OH! Buckeye State brother! (Can you tell a Columbusite when you see one on the comment boards?)

    • No, I can't, because it seems everyone in the state of Ohio is obsessed with Ohio State lol.

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    • Really? I've noticed it the exact opposite. Most people here in the Cincinnati area seem to hate the city but praise Ohio State like it's some kind of religion lol.

    • Lol, I guess I just hear the extremes and not the majority.
      Anyways, I hope that people remember that Ohio is also the birthplace of a LOT of important people, as well as the place where the Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret FTW), Nationwide Insurance, and a whole lot of other important companies were founded.

  • Scrolled to Ohio then my native state Texas. Dat ass

  • I never heard of that being a stereotype in NC. Though I do have some Cherokee in my bloodlines.

    • I think this is more of an Ohio thing to stereotype North Carolina like that. Most people here in Ohio I've talked to have been to Cherokee Village and they assume that's the entire state of North Carolina.

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    • That's another North Carolina stereotype, thanks to the Tar Heels basketball team.

    • And duke and nc state and wake forest

  • Oh the model is so hot...

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