Do I have a chance with him? Or am I just a buddy?

I have a crazy, amazing friend. But I am very much in love with him and I have been for the past 2 years. I'm not sure if he knows or not that I like him still but we're pretty close.
Anyway, I asked him out about 4 months ago. He said no but he really liked me as a friend and felt really bad for saying no.
Now, we're much closer than we used to be and we have a lot of the same friends so we see each other a lot at school.
Recently though he's been teasing me- a lot. He makes fun of my height (I'm 5"3 and the other day at lunch he started dancing around me, pointing and shouting 'midget!'). He also likes to poke fun at me about my ex boyfriend (from 2 years ago?) and calling me 'princess'- it's a long story to do with my ex but it Really annoys me!- and trying to embarrass me in front of all our friends and annoy me by calling me incest- even though he knows I'm not. But afterwards he'll hug me and if we're alone he's really nice- even if he does talk about himself a lot when we're alone- and when we text he makes jokes about being with me and once asked me if I would ever go out with my ex again- no. But if I ever tease him about a girl he used to like he goes mad and said he never liked her! Although when I ask who he really likes he says nobody!
Also, he recently hugged my friend and said 'are you jealous?' I said not really but he didn't seem too bothered. He is quite nice to other girls and doesn't take the Mick out of them like he does with me! And a couple of our friends have said we'd be good together to me but I don't know what he thinks...
I'm kinda scared to ask him out again and he says he likes nobody. I'm just wondering if I'm too much of a girl friend to ever be a girlfriend. Please help?
He likes you as a friend but there's potential.
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You are just a friend and that is it.
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He might like you as more than a friend.
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You're over thinking it- just be his friend!
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You've got a good chance!
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+1 y
Well thanks for all the helpful advice!! We're now together and very happy. Thanks xx
Do I have a chance with him? Or am I just a buddy?
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