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Was it bad that I told me friend the harsh truth?

Okay so we were hanging out a few minutes ago and we just got out of school. Us four girls were having a fun time. Them my friend (let's call her Kerry) started crying. Her father passed away a month ago. She's still struggling and I'd thought she be over that by now. My friend (let's call her Sydney) and I had enough of her and fed up with her depression. I told her firmly, "Look Kerry, I know it's been hard since your daddy passed away but you have got to get it together! We're having a fun time and you just started crying. That's not right." Kerry was crying so much and I grabbed her should and said, "Pull yourself together! People can see you. Death is part of life. People die and your dad didn't leave the world for you to be unhappy. We're born, live, and die and your dad would want you to mourn on him all the time. Quit crying!" Then Sydney told her to suck it up and move on with her life.

Our other friend (Let's call her Linda) told us to not get angry at Kerry and this is hard tim for her and she doesn't need all this right now. We ignored. I shoved Kerry and firmly told her to stop and she's embarassing us. Then later at the part a few minutes ago, we went to the part. I was like "Crybaby. Stop crying and have some fun." to Kerry. Sidney and I were fed up with Kerry and we chanted, "Crybaby, Crybaby, Crybaby!" I took the Cowboys teddy bear out of her bag and threw threw at her. Her dad liked the Dallas Cowboys. Kerry scolded at us and she stormed off and went home. Linda scolded at Sidney and I about what jerks we were to her and she's dealing with a lose of her father and took Kerry home. Whatever it was Kerry's fault for ruining our fun. I was right about death wasn't I?
Yes. That was terrible
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Was it bad that I told me friend the harsh truth?
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