My boyfriend is using drugs. How do I convince him to stop?

So my boyfriend is doing drugs. I'm not going to lie, I have snorted a few pills and have smoked weed. When we first started dating about once a month, if at all; he would do pills with one of his friends. I honestly did not care I told him "as long as it doesn't become a habbit then I'm fine with it. But I don't want this all the time." That was 4 months ago. Now he has been smoking weed (everyday for the past two weeks), doing o.c., god knows what other pills, and he told me he is doing shrooms tonight. I love him so much and want to be here for him. How do I let him know that I am here, but I don't agree with what he is doing. He lives with his parents, and his mom is on his case. She knows that something is going on and if it doesn't stop I think she is going to get the cops invloved.


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  • Weed is not physically addictive but it can be a physiologically thing. Personally I don't believe this is much of a problem unless it starts to disrupt his daily life. Alcohol in my opinion is a much worse.

    Oc can be a heroin like high and it's very addictive. It can easily evolve into a big problem if he does it often. Chemical addiction is extremely destructive. It will tare away at his life and everyone around him.

    He will say he just wants to try it.

    He will say he only does it every once in awhile.

    He will say he only does is socially.

    He will say he can quit anytime.

    He will try to hide it.

    He will accept it.

    Maybe he will settle on oxys or maybe he will settle on a different chemical. You said he does other pills. I can think of at least 20 things off the top of my head. You never know how far down the rabbit hole goes, so to speak. It doesn't really matter where he stops because they all lead to a dead end.

    In my opinion what separates a recreational drug user, from a full blow drug user, is an addictive personality; the need to fill a gap (best way I can explain). Go ahead and argue with me, my mind is set.

    He’s a recreational drug user if he says he is a social user but really only uses once in awhile.

    He’s an addict when he says he only does it once in awhile but abuses it in most social settings.

    If you think he may be an addict or is becoming an addict you can try to help him, but if he doesn’t want your help there isn’t much you can do. You could consider talking to someone who specializes in drug addiction but, agen, if he doesn’t accept the help, even from a professional, there is not much you can do.

    I might be slightly over dramatizing this but drug abuse evolves quickly. Keep an eye on him because if you think things are starting to get out of control, there generally worse then you know.

    • I love how people are giving me a thumb down but without reasons. I grew up around drug abuse on a daily basses. I may not have been a drug addict myself but this is how I viewed it being a victim of a loved ones drug abuse. They never did get better.

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  • I understand how you feel because I use to be a drug addict and that was hurting my relationship with my family. Explain to him how this hurts you to see him like this, but you should try not to yell or get in heated arguments; this only makes things worse and may make him go out and do even more drugs. If his problem is really out of control you may think about seeking professional help, then he may realize how much you care about him and realize what he is doing to him. Not everyone is the same and it may take him a while before he finally is willing to accept help from you, his family or with a professional. Also, as much as he won''t like he will have to stop hanging out with his friends who influence him if he cannot control himself; nothing wrong with keeping friends, but not if the have a heavy influence on you. I was very weak and new that if I stayed with my old friends that I would continue to indulge in my bad habits. I wish you and him much luck and hope he can figure things out.

  • You can't change or help anyone who doesn't want to change themselves.

  • You don't convince him, you talk to him and he either accepts that him doing drugs is hurting the relationship between you two, and if he doesnt, then you would know how much he values you.


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