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Why is everyone so racist towards my fiancé?

She is Indian, although one grandparent was English so her skin is a very light brown but her hair and eyes are dark. Because of this though, she is repeatedly being racially abused and it's upsetting her & making her want to leave the UK & return to India.

1.) I am CONSTANTLY hearing people refer to her as a 'paki' which is an extremely derogatory word in the UK for anyone with brown/dark features. It extends from the word Pakistani but is applied to anyone with brown skin these days and is considered as bad as the N word. When talking about her, I have heard people say 'look another f**king paki' or 'look there's a paki with a white guy' or 'I hate pakis, they're everywhere'.

2.) The typical terrorist and muslim extremist jibes, even though she is not Muslim and doesn't come from the Middle East. I was at the store with her when she got into an argument with a white girl who called her a 'f**king terrorist' and a 'suicide bomber' which brought her to tears. She also tells me that she has been called a terrorist to her face several other times before.

3.) On Facebook she has received several threatening messages from local anti-immigration campaigners telling her to 'fuck off back home' and to 'take all the other dirty, smelly pakis with you'.

4.) Recently in the airport she was unfairly taken to a back room and strip searched to the point that I was holding her hand to calm her down. She was informed that this was because of her 'ethnicity'. She now doesn't want to fly again because of this.

5.) Some of my friends don't approve of me being with her, purely for racial reasons although they won't admit it. When I go out with her to clubs or bars with them they don't want to be around her and don't really want to be seen with her. This goes for most people in general. I get the impression that lots of people see her as a stereotypical 'job stealing, immigrant, paki, terrorist'.

Has anyone else experienced this and got some advice?
Why is everyone so racist towards my fiancé?
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