Who here remembers Duck Hunt for the NES? How do you feel about this if you do?

So, I was originally gonna make a take for this explaining but I'm really lazy right now and decided to go the question route.

Basically who here remembers Duck Hunt for the NES?

Did you know that the gun Nintendo used was just a simple light sensor cleverly disguised as a gun? Whenever you would hit the trigger it would flash the screen black and have a white box over the target (this would happen very quickly) and if the diode in the gun picked up black you missed and if it picked up white you hit the target. It also relied very heavily on the CRT TVs refresh rate which was pretty much standard throughout since the CRT display relies on an electron gun to activate phosphors in the screen to refresh the TV line by line from top to bottom (again very quickly).

Now, since this is a hardware implementation rather than software did you know that if you plugged in your old NES and decided to play Duck Hunt on a modern TV you wouldn't be able to since the tech has improved? With the improved tech, your TV refreshes not line by line but simultaneoulsy and the light sensor gun used for Duck Hunt is heavily reliant on the precise timing of the line by line refresh rate that was there in the CRT display. Also your TV will have a different amount of lag than my TV than another user's TV vs the CRT display had the same lag.

So, how do you feel knowing that if you plug in your NES into your TV (unless you have a CRT one laying around) and try to play Duck Hunt that it won't work?
I remember Duck Hunt, hated it so who cares
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I remember Duck Hunt, this sucks man
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What's Duck Hunt?
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Dude... the hell?
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Brb gonna go test this out.
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Who here remembers Duck Hunt for the NES? How do you feel about this if you do?
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