Does ANYONE care about their job anymore?

I shouldn't get so excited when I get good service, but bad service is so normal now that its awesome when I get good service. And this is with ANYTHING. Electronics, Car parts, haircut, trim dogs nails, food, etc etc . It doesn't matter how much money I spend, I seem to get the same shitty service. My haircut is the most simple haircut you can possibly ask for. "I want all my hair cut to a #5 and square up the neck" thats IT but id say 3 out of ever 10 times they screw it up somehow. Meanwhile im without a job, busting my ass trying to find one, And I can't find one because all the spots are taken up by all these brainless inbreds that dont care.

PLEASE if you have a job.. even if you are paid minimum wage.. TRY!! thats all im asking. For the love that is all holy, pleeaase at least act like you care about your job.


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  • "brainless inbreds that dont care."

    These people probably at one time took great pride in their job if it was something they're passionate about, food, animals, etc. However, due to rude customers like you, (who exist no matter how excellent of service you provide), they begin to loathe coming to work, and thus get a bad attitude. That attitude translates to poor performance. It's all cyclical.

    • Nice... I couldnt have been more nice to this bat bitch that cut my hair. I come to the internet to vent.. She was texting on her phone when I walked in. I had to get her attention. She sat me down at her station and asked what i wanted done.. "I said a #5 all over, square up the back" It felt as if she never used a trimmer before, but it was okay because how can you fuck up such a simple hair cut? well, thats what she did. when she was shaping my neck she dug the trimmers in my neck.. she just about made me bleed. and the shit was crooked, THEN without asking she took the trimmers and shaved the point I have in my hairline off. so now when my hair grows, itll be un even. im STILL keeping cool. but since im holding in my anger since its just hair, i start to get a little sweaty. after she was done butchering my hair and skin, she said "Man you sweat alot" The bill was $10 I gave her a $5 tip and smiled. She didn't even say thank you.

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    • I tell everyone to fuck off, so fuck off with that over the line non sense. lol. Dont take nothing by it. Im just some asshole on the internet. I actually just got back from getting my money back and my neck fixed. They put aloe on the cut too.

    • I actually said "fuck you" and thats out of character of me.. So im sorry

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  • I personally love my job! And i put a lot of love into it!
    And here where i'm from so do most people.
    Where are you from

    For instance i go for a haircut by this old guy that's been doing it for 50 years and he's such a lovely guy just sit there and talk for hours! So many lovely stories! He's technically on his pension but does it just to talk to people :)

  • used 2 have 4 some period... and it was... ughhhhhhhh

  • Bad service is so normal now because most people are underpaid and overworked.
    If you pay peanuts you can expect monkeys.

    • Hey, at least they are getting paid! I dont even have a job and I show more work ethic than these people. Tell me exactly how these burger flippers are over worked.. (ps. these burger flippers want $15/hr to flip burgers)

    • Don't expect good service if you look at them in that superior way.

    • How am I looking at them in a superior way? I have the utmost respect for anyone that is "serving me" I Come to the internet to vent out my frustration because If i didn't.. id be in and out of jail. The shitty service i get on a daily basis is getting annoying... And I get people giving sympathy to the servers.. I just dont get it.

  • No. I lost the passion. I started off with ambition and goals, but its too damn boring and stressful.

  • I do i like my job and its flexable