How to convince my dad to let me get a cat?

So I want to get a cat, and I have my mom onboard into letting me get one, but since my parents are my landlords, I rent a house from them, they have to say yes. I've asked them many times before, and have sent them adorable pictures of cats to try to convince them. Some of the points that I made into reasons where I should get a cat were rodent control, I don't even have a rodent problem, but still. I also stated that it would prove that I could take care of something, and have it grow, so that would be good for when I have children, and it would also make me happy, and I would be completely responsible for its wellbeing, providing food for it, etc.

This thing has been going on for about a year, trying to convince them into why I should get a cat, but my dad says that It's going to be time consuming, and that it will also be expensive, but I already have enough money to take care of the cat, and I rarely leave home other than when I'm in class, or at work.

Also they will barely see the cat, as hey don't live with me, and don't really come up to visit all that much.

What are some ways into convincing him that I should get a cat?

Also, my sister who also rents a separate place from them has a cat, also there is another man that rents yet another property from my dad, and she also has a dog, and use to have two of them.


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  • u r an adult bro... so u can 8)

    • yes, but the humane society checks to see if owning a pet is ok with your landlord, and my dad is my landlord, so they would have to have it be approved by him, either way.

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  • Parents or not, if they are your landlords and say they don't want one in the house or yard that they own, then that is their choice and you will find the exact same resistance if you try and rent from anyone else who refuses animals. Here is why: your cat is unpredictable. Cats can carry fleas, pee on the carpet, pee in the garden, and these are things that stink to high heaven and you can't clean out properly. If you think getting a flea repellant will work, think again because nothing says your cat still won't carry fleas or ticks eventually.

    Cats also can be expensive. You just don't know what your particular cat is going to need in its life. Getting an unexpected vet bill for teeth, worms, bladder, blood clots - you name it - can be thousands of dollars. The chance it will need special vet food can be costly. Your mom and dad are thinking more like parents now when they foresee a humungous vet bill that they will probably have to pay for you or part of it. And we get so attached to our cute cats we'll do anything for them. If we plead to our dads that we need $500, that is something he is planning now that he's not prepared to do for you.

    You will likely only get your cat once you move out of their house and in to your own or in a rental where your new landlord will be okay with it. Usually a landlord allowing cats has them also. But they also are not parents where they will be responsible for vet bills, so your parents are thinking like both landlord and parents.

    I am speaking from experience because I had a cat and my parents didn't allow cats in the house. The cat hair was too much, and the risk of cleaning cat urine from the carpets is something they didn't want to be burdened with when they chose to sell the house. I know it's probably not what you want to hear, but cats are a lot of work even though they are independent creatures. There is more to it than that if you want to be a responsible pet owner.

    • Sorry I should have specified that I didn't get my cat until I moved out of their house. When the cat became my responsibility and I saw how much cat hair to clean up, and how "accidents" happen on the rugs, even the vet bills, I understood why my parents chose not to put up with all of it. They were older and not interested in pets as much as younger adults are, and ultimately, cleaning up a lot of that stuff was going to affect their daily lives whether I thought so or not at the time.

  • Cats are much cheaper and lower maintenance than dogs are. Your dad wouldn't even know it was there.


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  • Just curious has your house ever had a problem with rats or mice? Because if it has you could use this to your advantage.

    • I have had one mouse that I have seen running around, that we did kill, and I do hear things in between the walls.

    • Have you had this mouse recently?

    • Lets just say "Cats keep mice, rats and other such animals back from your house." Just the presence of a cat roaming around helps keep mice, rats etc away from your house.

  • Just say. "Dad, if you don't let me have a cat, I'm gonna start taking heroin"

    • this made me chortle. not laugh, CHORTLE! i told this little kid yday that i loved Loki and he said i was a demented idiot.

    • All the best people are at least a little bit demented.

  • when you figure it out let me know, I been trying to get my wife to agree to getting a cat.

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