Off-topic Question- Coolest X-Files Charactor? Also why are they your favorite?

I think Monica Reyes and John Doggett sucked as Agents on the X-Files, I'm excluding them from the Options of charactors that were cool. I'm a big fan of The X Files, it's a cool show. :) They're making a 3rd movie I heard

  • Mulder (The main protagonist of the series) Chill and laid-back dude who is searching for the truth, strong UFO-Believer.
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  • Scully (Mulder's Partner; Assigned to him to provide skepticism and give scientific explanations on The X Files.)
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  • The Smoking Man (Aka CGB Spender, in season 7 they reveal his true name)
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  • Alex Kryzcek (appeared in the 2nd episode of the 2nd season but went rogue and joined the Syndicate, lasted till the end of Season 8, killed by Skinner.)
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  • Assistant Director/AD Walter Skinner
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  • The Lone Gunmen (John Byers, Richard Langly, Melvin Frohike)- Basically three nerdy guys who are Mulder's friends. Hackers as well.
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  • Never heard of the X Files/Haven't watched it. Just show me the damn results.
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  • Mulder was I always had a thing for Scully though she was a hot ginger.

    • damn str8 bro, i always thought Gillian Anderson was hot. I have a semi-risque poster of her in my basement. Got a 'I want to believe' poster as well.