Am I getting my groove back?

Hello! It's been more than 6 months I got into a stiff with a special someone and it worsened till it led to total destruction of the bond between her and I. This year, I began working in a BPO company and I decided to fully optimise myself there. However, due to my past bad experiences in my professional and personal life, I am now distant with many colleagues. I have almost lost the joy of living due to such experiences. by the way, most of them are high school leavers and they somewhat don't know know what they do and talk about.

My relationship with colleagues was somewhat bad as they joke too much and they are immature for me. It happened twice that I had to confront them. However, gradually, things have changed somewhat and communication with them improved (I don't know how). Basically, I am a guy with both professional and personal regrets. The more distant I am with colleagues, the better am I. Well, I donĀ“t know what took me some days ago... I happened to scare a colleague for the sake of joking and today some colleagues and I were having fun at workplace.

Can anyone here please tell me what's happening to me?


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  • yes you are.


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