Guys and girls, this isn't friend zoning him is it?

I really really like him and he knows that, but he and I cannot date due to age differences, and I don't wanna friend zone him by this message, I just want him to know I appreciate our friendship, and he's the one insisting I stay his friend! So here's the message

Hey! ConGRADulations on graduation! I'm lucky to have gotten to know, and be you're friend these past 3 months, and hope that I can continue being you're friend, and getting to know you! I believe things happen for a reason, and I at first didn't know why God took me from my old church, but for whatever reason, I'm learning, i'm thankful he
led me to Cokesbury! I'm hoping I'm not the only one that's gonna miss having you around church and stuff. If you ever need anything or someone to talk to I'm always here, your a really, really, really great friend, and really nice to me, I don't say much, but I do notice a lot, thanks for being an awesome friend! I know your a really nice/great person, with a great personality, people like you are hard
to find these days, and I'm glad I crossed paths with you! Moral of the story is this, your downright awesome, and I'll always be here, if you ever need anything at all. Good luck at UTK!!


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  • If he is insisting you guys be friends, then no, it isn't friendzoning.

    • Okay! Good! Because I think I've told him like 3 times I like him, and he's always we cannot be more than friends... Because he's 18, and I'm 15, and besides at college he needs no distractions cause if he fails a class he will get in trouble with his parents and he's busy and stuff... But I'm also 97% sure he likes me back.

    • Well he's right, the age difference is too much and being friends is what's best.

    • Yep! Don't want him in trouble, and he must realize a great friendship can lead to something else later.

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