80s music poll: Favorite album by Blue Rondo A La Turk/Matt Bianco/Basia?

NOTE: they r not Turkish :-P

BRALT were a jazz/pop band with latin/samba influences…they released 1 of da coolest records in history, “chewing the fat”…nice n kewl album…. especially during summer holidays \O/…their 2nd album “Bees Knees & Chicken Elbows” was nice as well.. but not as nice as debut :-)

Matt Bianco were similar with BRALT…after all they were formed by BRALT’s former members…although they were less “danceable”…also they were more “synth-poppish”. Their debut album was really catchy….2nd album was “meh” (although “yeh yeh” & “undercover” r really gr8 songs)…and their 3rd album, was more influenced by late 80s house music…. featuring a nice rap song as well called “Wap Bam Boogie”

Basia , a polish singer, was featured in MB’s debut album…l8r following a solo-career…although she was kinda mediocre imo…at least accordin 2 ma taste :-/

  • Chewing The Fat (Blue Rondo A La Turk)
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  • Bees Knees & Chicken Elbows (Blue Rondo A La Turk)
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  • Whose Side Are You On (Matt Bianco)
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  • Matt Bianco (Matt Bianco)
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  • Indigo (Matt Bianco)
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  • Time And Tide (Basia)
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  • London Warsaw New York (Basia)
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