Why can't I move on?

So this girl is my first love. I would go into detail about how I feel about her but it would take to long. But anyway she's with this guy that she's fed up with but she's attached to him. Anyway she told me she wishes he was like me. She told me she like me. Told me that I inspire her and so much more. She knows how I feel about her. and even thou we talk about what ever and have the deepest conversations. She told me she openes up o me more than she does to anyone else. nand I know I have a chance with her because recently one morning he had broke up with her over some thing stupid. nshe texted me telling me about it. She even asked me did I wanna hang out with her. but later on that day he cried to her and apologized. An she took him back. It's like I know I'm a back up. But I'm done with feel hurt because the only girl I've ever loved isn't with me. An I'm tired of waiting for a miracle to happen. I've known her for 9 mounths and 7 of those mounths have been real emotional for me. I'm tired of being in love alone. But every time I tell myself to move on I fall even deeper for her. Because I think about how perfect she is to me and I realized I don't want any other girl. And I end up listening to the song I wrote for her and get emotional. My mind wants to move on but my heart wants to stay and wait. But waiting is so painful. I know I'll never stop loving her. But I just wanna fall out of love with her. I been trying to forget her for 2 months now and I love her more than ever. I need help. I know time heals all but I'm real impatient. I tried talking to other females but I always end up wanting her more than anything. Whats my problem.


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  • It's normal! Just give it some time, it'll get easier.


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