Stealing friend confronted and still in denial?

So my friend has been stealing from me for a while now and i spotted it this morninf were talkin anout years back , i haven't noticed because were 3 girls i always suspected mt sisters and blamed them i feel awful atm, eventuaky this morning i felt like checking their profiled ( their sistrers btw) i just felt like i had to and i realised them with pcutures wearing mt clothes, thats not all i dont use instagram so i devided to use mt friends account and go onto detail and they had picyures with alll of mt missing clothes? I felt awful i was just lost. And again thats not all my jumper was missing couple days ago and she took a picturw ith the same jumper same day it was lost ! I have proof now things always go missinf when their around.. so i confeonted them today very politly and said maybe i forgot it at rheir or they took itt without noticing they went red and denied just accepted the one of my junpers were there and started looking for it but its lost they couldt find it, my sistee fot angry and showed them ouctures saying what about these this issss mine ! Its how did this even get here and she denied again saing she bought it but she didn't show what she bought? My sister was more harsh than me and she said i would have expected tou to accept what yoou did and apoligise i would have moved on but your two faved for still smiling in my sisters face ( me) an acting like nothings happened its not one yoh stole our wardrob litwealy they cried and left im realy upset? Its nor even about the clothes their people i realy var for and had good and bad days woth plus i had soomuch problems at hom with my sisters i feel disgusying for blamong them? What do i do now? And they just msged me now saying they didn't steal ad their heaft broken that i blamed them fr something like that people sre saying im being too soft but i dont think i am their not bad people they just have a bad habbit, im not angry at my sister bevause she said what i couldnt she wuestioned what i couldnt and the statted raising their voices bdw im like 25 so even worse were not kids to steal


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  • Film her doing it then show her the video

    • Well we had a massive argument tey wouldn't come over ever again? There sre picturee not just one many of them wearing it ok she muvjt buy something similar but are all oir stuff the same and why is it that she has the same syuff of the stuff rhats missing

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