Can you solve this weird mystery?

So, my mom claims this happened: Monday I was heading back to my hometown from the city I'm often in 2 hrs away. We have a family home there and I was living there til I got a job here. My mom knew I'd be heading back at some point on Mon. I had a class at night & had to work Tues morning. We hadn't texted all day on Monday. I was running some last minute errands around the city before hitting the highway to go home when I got a text from my mom starting with:

"By the way, my package arrived". Then: "You just messaged me from (small town between her city and my city)? But the messages somehow disappeared".

I texted her back saying: "What?" She writes: "So was it you msgd me from Notre Dame Church? Also saying you're on your way back home?". I said "Scary. No."

I never sent such texts. In fact, I never, ever stop in that town, nor would I ever stop to go into a church (I'm not religious, nor did I even know where that church is located). So these were not old texts that I'd sent before. She claims that the msgs appeared on her phone screen, & when she opened them she assumed they were from me, but when she went back to the phone, they were gone. That is when she texted me inquiring about them. I have been texting since the early 2000's. I've never heard of text msgs deleting themselves before. What makes it eerie is that she claims that these texts stated that someone was on their way back to my specific hometown from the specific city I was in. At the same time I was heading back.
I really don't want to think that shewas hallucinating. Her moods have been difficult lately & she's not the most tech-savvy person. I taught her how to text years ago, and she does it often, mainly with me and sometimes with her friends or my sister. Im not an Android user, so I have no idea if this is common? A random text from a mystery person? Stating details that are eerily similar to what I was in the process of doing? And then disappearing? Pls explain.

hey thanks for your answers so far... no, no one had my phone... i was driving at the time. The prank thing just isn't that plausible, as I don't know many people who have both our numbers.

A message got intercepted? Too coincidental since they were coming home at the same time as me.

I'm afraid it might be dementia... I didn't know hallucinations were a sign of it. God.


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  • Could be an early sign of dementia. You should get her to have an MRI.


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  • Mmmmn Did anyone... like anyone , see or have your phone for one second

    Sounds like someone is playing games, maybe it was a prank or somethinf

  • You have to take her to a Doctor.


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  • The prank thing may not be as far fetched as you think. You don't need to have a persons number to prank someone. My boyfriend had an app that you could put in a random number and mess with people. But the mystery is still there as they wouldn't be able to delete themselves.
    Can you access your phone records online? May be able to see what number it was from if you really want to know.

    • Thanks, no I can't access the numbers that send incoming text messages. I called the phones service provider and they said for security reasons they don't have access to that.

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