Anyone live in or ever visited Atlanta Georgia? What hotels would you recommend?

So far I'm considering Springhill Suites or the Hampton Inn. Hope they look like in the picture.

Please recommend a nice hotel that you've actually stayed in. Room rates don't matter...
Anyone live in or ever visited Atlanta Georgia? What hotels would you recommend?


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  • I have been there many times I did not need a hotel But down town Atlanta has an old throw back style restaurant and if your into good ole southern home cooking I would recommend going To Marry Max for dinner the food is pretty good and you can take home the extra left overs

    • Sorry Its called Mary Mac's

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    • We stood in each line for like 30 minutes. We were at the park from like 2pm-8pm

    • Well you got a lot more done then I did, it was so bad I have never been back again and years before that it was not that bad

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  • It's generally chains. I recommend Country in and Suites.

    And WHERE you stay is just as important. I live north-west of Atlanta, Kennesaw/Acworth area. What are you coming to Atlanta for? That matters a lot. I'd suggest you stay on the outskirts, if possible. Atlanta has pretty awful traffic most of the day.

    • Im here in atlanta now. We went to Six Flags. The traffic was crazy haha. We decided to stay in Springhill Suites! It actually looks like in the pics I posted. Rooms werent even a bad rate... Just $160 a night

    • Lord, ugh. I hate going into the city for anything... traffic is murder.

    • Six Flags was nice but those lines were killer lol. Now its just some random folks in the hotel gettin drunk downstairs in the pool. I had to go lay down. I'm not really into turning up, plus its been a long day. That was a 6 hour ride

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  • I've visited Georgia but it wasn't in a hotel. You should wonder what car you'd want to rent bc it's a lot of driving. You can stay in a Wyndham they usually have nice hotels. Try hotels. com

    • Not hotels. com they're horrible, I meant to say use Hotwire. com and search hotels.

    • Yea we're driving there from 5 hours away. I'll check out Wyndham again. Last tine they were sold out