Why is taking responsibility viewed, seen as being more masculine instead of just being part of adulthood?

i remember i saw this comment to a guy on one of the questions here, and this is what he said:

"We put up with a lot more shit and take on a lot more responsibility than women. That's what makes us men."

so whats the logic behind all of this? and the guy who said that sounded like he embraced it, well i highly disagree with him.


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  • Why is taking responsibility viewed, seen as being more masculine instead of just being part of adulthood

    Likely due to patriarchal notions and sexism viewing guys as leaders and gals as children who need a male to lead her. In my opinion society contradicts itself as while taking responsibility is generally viewed as masculine guys generally aren't encouraged to take responsibility:
    - guys rude, inconsiderate, violent, or threatening behavior is often dismissed as boys being boys
    - guys sexually violent, coercive, or manipulation behavior is often excused as boys just being horny
    - studies show guys tend to have a different way of judging their own actions and most of the time they do not think they're wrong or their actions warrant apology unlike gals
    - guys failures at romance/sex is often blamed on gals in quite an extreme way like the guy has no possible flaws that may lead a gal to reject him other than being nice and gals are too stupid/slutty/etc to appreciate it and want jerks instead

    In my opinion society views responsibility as masculine but it's gals who often take responsibility not only for her own actions but others:
    - She's responsible for the household/childcare duties as a guy isn't doing his share but 'helping' her
    - She's responsible for guy's harassing, groping, abusing, assaulting, or raping her
    - She's responsible for being the peacemaker and making others comfortable otherwise she's a b*tch (studies show guys often aren't expected to do this)

    Guys seemingly over exaggerate their actions such as using approaching a gal as some huge show of the burdensome responsibility guys face. When in my opinion going after what you want isn't really a responsibility. If they were held responsible for how the interaction goes then they'd be accountable yet guys are not as they can blame the gal for being stuckup, shallow, a b*tch, etc.


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  • Lol that's just the passing comment of some random guy. I wouldn't go as far as to say that reflects the general viewpoint of people.

  • Responsibility? More than women? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Oh my goodness! That's rich. Is that because men have the responsibility to bear children? Oh wait, that's women. Is that why men have the privilege to nurse and raise those children from birth? Oh wait, that women again. Is that why men suffer cramps and mood swings every month for five days? Oh, darn! That's women again! Is that why men are expected to put on makeup, do their hair, dress nicely, and impress others? Oh crap it all! It's women who do all these things, not men!!! Now, I'm not a feminist, but I will NOT stand for this disrespect towards women. We do not deserve disrespect.

  • Actually i disagree with that statement from that guy. Women are expecting to juggle their life. Caring for the kids, her husband , the home and hold down a job. I'd say that was a hell of a lot of responsiblity for one pair of " shoulders"

    • ya, it got me upset when he said that

  • I view it as just a part of adulthood, but we can't really control how every person might see it. I'm not sure what extra responsibilities he's referring to; it would help in addressing them if he was more specific. Perhaps his type of woman is more traditional and takes on fewer of the "provider" responsibilities. Then again, child rearing and keeping up a household has its own responsibilities as well.

    I'm very far from a traditional woman though, so I don't know.


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