I'm going to fail the semester Advice?

This is my first year in community college and it is not going the way I planned it would. I am awful at math and I have always been for some reason. When it comes to taking a test or showing how much I know about the materaial that is when I can't get it together. Ever since I was in elementary I could not do math tests and my teacher would get upset and yell at me or give up on me. They kept telling me that I did not study and that I was going to fail in life and be homeless (That is not how you encourage students). I have been in special education for almost all of my life because I always needed extra help. I am pretty much an independent person, and I like to figure things out on my own before I ask for help. I have had tutors, math teachers, accountants, trying to help me get better at math. They all have said that I know my material very well and that they do not understand why I am having trouble. I study for everything, and I know exactly how to work math problems until I take a test and fail it. I guess it is because I can't remember the steps and I need my notes or a calculator to help me. None of my math teachers let me use calculators because they say "you should be able to do it in your head" or they feel like referring to your notes is cheating. I have explained to many of my teachers that it is hard for me to understand in my head things, and how it would be easier for me to figure out things if I had help but they did not care. This year I am in math because it is required for my major and I want to improve in math. My math teacher is not the best because he does not explain the material he says "you should already know, and be teaching me what you need to know". Then he teaches us problems he wants us to learn but when it comes to the test he gives us problems we never even went over. He does not allow us to use calculators and gives us these huge problems on the test that you need a calculator to be able to work on them. He does not allow us to use the notes to refer to, even when I told him about my disbility he started laughing at me and told me "nice try... if I can figure it out... so can you." Somehow I have managed to fail all of his test and now he is going to fail me. Advice


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  • You my friend is lacking in EXAM SKILLS.
    Time to crack out them past papers and grind at it.
    The reason why "Asians" in general do well in exams is NOT because they are smart... well... maybe some of them are but because they're expert at EXAM DRILLING.

    Think about it for a second here.
    Asian countries top OECD's latest PISA survey on state of global education.
    They got it... yet.. often the top countries don't make the brightest minds. It's just that they are EXPERT at exams.

    What you're lacking here is exam skills I think.
    Just go GRIND AND GRIND AND DRILL AT IT if you already understand the material.


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  • I can relate with struggling learning because I have learning disabilities myself. As a math major, I would recommend focusing more on understanding things conceptually rather than memorizing. Even though math at that level are algorithms, concentrate more on the ideas. Memorizing is not a good math habit, as the higher you go into math, mathematics moves away from algorithm like thinking and more conceptual and abstract. What math class is it?

    • I forgot; also practice a lot of problems! Lots and lots of them. Even if you have to do extra. I would recommend studying areas of mathematics that your current material depend on. Since math builds on itself, ideas that you're currently struggling mean that you're weak in some older concept. It could help to go back sometimes, if necessary.

  • From my experience, a lot of professors at universities allow the use of calculators. For some, they may allow you to use certain ones only. However, it seems like you just have a shitty teacher. I had one once, and I struggled with the exams even though our professor allowed us to use our notes and our textbook.


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  • Sounds like you have failure anxiety. You have several trainings for that. It's not an easy problem, but you can learn how to. live with it.

  • No you aren't :)

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