What are some of the greatest quotes you've read from GaGers?

I'll start. I just saw this one from @Hypno-trip and nearly died laughing:
"It's easy to think that all women are just lustful harlots that treat men's hearts like tampons."

What are some memorable things people have said here or some phrases people have used that you can share?


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  • "He smiled at me. What does it mean?" - almost every girl on gag.

  • Not one from here however it made me laugh...
    Aussie show called " goggle box" and two women were watching a show with Gordon Ramsay, one turned to the other and said "isn't he hot? I'd bang him!"
    The other looked back in sheer disbelief and said
    "I'd rather shit in my hands and clap"

    Just my thoughts...

  • HAHAHA ahhhh yes I am now officially quotable... My prime is in session.

    One memorable GaG quote for me was from this question that asked why people first came onto GaG. One of the female users said "I came onto GaG to unwilling receive dick pics" I actually laughed out loud hahah...

  • "Life is a game, Just play it"

  • I haven't seen to many on here to be honest and I have only ever said one on here that I made up myself.

    • Which was what?

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    • Lol o that, no I'm not that kind of poet, I'm more of the reclusive type, much like the older poets I mentioned beforehand, I tend to stick to poetry sites for posting my work, and actually writing them on paper. I don't stick to any one kind of poetry though and I more then often write free verse, I find rhythm should not be forced. If if flows, it flows, if it rhymes it rhymes and sometimes it won't rhyme.

    • Take this for instance this is something I wrote that sort of has a lovecraft feel to it but it does not really rhyme


      Standing in the middle of the perfect storm,

      Delving into the edge of madness and insanity,

      Is poetry the cure, the helping hand that leads me out Of the darkness and from madness,

      Into the light or is it the final nail in the long coming Coffin

      That finally let's the hell we call this earth take me,

      That is the question we as poets and writers must Undoubtedly ask Ourselves one day

      When on the edge of madness do we let it take us

      But at what cost, our lives, our souls

      Or do we fight it back and continue on,

      Time will tell... time will tell for us all

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  • i have seen so many that they are actually uncountable. some people here say some pretty amazing, hilarious and downright stupid things.

  • "Ahh, I love pooping. It makes me feel like I just lost 20lbs. God, bless America" - anon :D

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