Favourite Steven Gerrard goal for Liverpool?

Steven Gerrard leaves Liverpool at the end of this season after 17 years playing for his boyhood club. What's your favourite ever goal he has ever scored for Liverpool

  • Liverpool vs. Sheffield Wednesday (Premier League—1999) First ever goal
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  • Liverpool vs. Olympiacos FC (Champions League—2004-05)
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  • Liverpool vs. AC Milan (2005 Champions League Final)
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  • Liverpool vs. West Ham United (2006 FA Cup Final)
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  • Liverpool vs. Middlesbrough (Premier League—2005-06)
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  • Liverpool vs. Manchester United (Premier League—2001)
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  • Other. Please comment
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  • I'm an ac Milan supporter and I will never forget Gerard in that 3 all comeback in the champions league final that made Liverpool win. After that game, I was like "dude you are boss"


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  • Liverpool vs. West Ham United (2006 FA Cup Final)


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  • To be honest i can't pick a one, he scored amazing goals all of them will be remembered but can't forget that free kick goal against Newcastle united 2008