Describe what you want ideally in a partner physically and personality?

Here's my example

*Tanned skin, or brown , but any race is fine i like latinas, arab and mixed girls more tho..
*Body doesn't really matter, But preferably i like curvy girls, i dont mind chubby girls if they have a cute face
*Looks are not important, but she must have a kind and great personality
*Introverted and modest
*Must be more dominant than me
*is artistic or creative or like art

Here's is what i think she might look like

Describe what you want ideally in a partner physically and personality?
i also like bigger girls like snooki from jersey shore, like not fat, but alittle chubby or curvy

describe your ideal partner?
I'm not having high standards, I just have a certain preference... But i don't really like skinny girls so much,


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  • Snooki looks fat in that picture sorry bruh.
    Physically I look for universally attractive or close to it. Handsome
    strong jaw
    piercing or steely eyes.
    Long eyelashes, don't know why but I'll look at eyelashes.
    Proportion is a big thing for me (nice and even face and body structure)
    Shiny hair
    Nicely shaped head and symmetrical face, my mom always makes fun of the guys I like calling them rock heads.
    Ethnicity and skin tone doesn't matter to me.
    Tall like 5'10 and up
    Muscular, chiseled definition
    Nice teeth great smile

    Personality, honestly varies.
    I like a combo of bright and confident but capable of being crazy dark and broody.
    Good sense of humor
    Not a chauvanistic pig
    If it ever happens he should be able to win a fight
    Has a vibe that he's powerful commands the room
    Good with money
    Open minded, doesn't mind trying new things.

    • Snooki is not fat, I like her... That is my ideal what i look for in girls

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    • Fuck off, i like snooki... that is my preference, i dont mind some fat girls with cute faces!!!

    • I was just saying, bc it was the wrong definition. Im not attacking you for your preference. Calm down.

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  • I don't think about it that much, I'm very open-minded when it comes to looks AND personality. I can be attracted to all kinds of dudes. The mandatory thing looks-wise is that he has hair on his head and he's not obese. And obviously all the obvious stuff - that he's a good guy, loyal, sweet etc etc.

  • Taller and older than me for sure, not fatty and not skinny. And most important got brain! And know how to use the brain wisely


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  • Looks-wise

    I like girls who are within a decent range of physical fitness. Not overly skinny and not too overweight... like, i consider snooki's weight fine, but not much more than that.

    Height doesn't matter to me either. I'm a short guy, but i'm secure enough with myself to date a taller woman.

    Racially, it doesn't bother me what race the girl is, but I have an achilles heel for pale girls with red hair. Girls like this basically:

    But i don't have one set type where looks are concerned, as i believe beauty can be found pretty much anywhere and in anyone. But I have certain types of women (like the ones above) that make me weak when i see them ^_^


    Girls with a gentle and contrite spirit. I like girls who are down to earth, fairly independent and have a high sex drive... preferably higher than mine. Girls who don't live in a bubble, who are kind and merciful to people that have wronged them. I look VERY closely at how girls treat their perceived enemies, as i find it says a lot about them. It also helps if the girl is a gamer and into sci fi stuff, as im really big on those two things, but its not necessary. Overall, i like what people would expect... a girl who is low maintenance and treats people the way she would want to be treated