What do women think about reproduction/labor (labor pain)? Are you scared of it?

I had a nightmare years ago, that I was mysteriously transgendered by unknown reasons, then it jumped to several years later that I woke up and found that I was pregnant and was preparing for the labor, then I screamed and yelled that "I do not want labor, no, I do not", which is one of my worst nightmares in my whole life.

My girlfriend and I both want marriage and kids, and we all think two or three is the most ideal situation (depending on financial situation).

I asked her about this topic less than a week ago, and she just laughed and told me that "ahh, I do not know a lot about it, but it seems quite scary for me". She is only 22, so I think it is true that she does not know a lot about it, even she may has heard some related stories.

So what do you woman think of it? Do you fear it or think it is scary? No offense, just curious!


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  • I'm sure labor will suck, but it doesn't look like anything I wouldn't be able to get through. If it gets unbearable, I'm not opposed to using pain medicine.

    • I do not know a lot of it, but I have heard about pain-reducing medicine. But I think even with that medicine, the pain is still quite noticeable, so I am wondering if women are scared or not.

    • Nah, it doesn't scare me. Seems like a small price to pay for a wonderful little bundle of joy!

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  • I know about it, I'm not fucking pleased or looking forward to it by any stretch of the imagination. I'm a bit older- 26- and I fluctuate constantly between feeling ready and wanting a baby and then not wanting an alien inside of me :P the whole being pregnant freaks me out- not just the labor.

  • I'm not scared of the pain because I know they can drug you up with an epidural. I'm more afraid of the tearing that could potentially happen.

    • But why are you afraid of the tearing?

    • Because it has the potential to become infected or to mess you up down there, especially if you get third degree tearing which is a complete perineum tear from vagina to asshole.

      It's unlikely to happen but I still think about it. My parents are doctors and I've heard all the disgusting things that can happen to some people!

    • Oh, that's really terrible.

  • It scares the shit out of me. But if it was that bad women would stop having babies, but that's not the case. I think that I can't help to think of the things that could go wrong and that's scary. Most births go as planned and nothing goes wrong. I think it is something every woman has a fear of, it's the unknown and you hear horror stories all the time about how things go wrong. I know for sure I want children, and I will deal with the fear when I cross that bridge.


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