Any gager want to accept my general knowledge challenge ltimatum 3?

Answer these five questions correctly and be rewarded Mho

What's the number of the devil

What the difference between a bass guitar and electric guitar

How many planets including dwarf planets are in our solar system

What year was president obama assasinated

Where did humans come from?
(beware some of these are trick questions)


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  • 666

    A bass guitar has more bass then an electric guitar.




    • Fail!!! Anyway why did you say 2016 for obama's assassination, what made you say that lol, its not 2016 yet

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    • If you knew what I was saying then what did I do wrong?

    • Another thing you have to get spot on is my username. If it's not spelled correctly then it won't activate. However, unlike your questions, my username isn't a trick.

      There could be an immeasurable amount of dwarf planets in the asteroid and Oort belts. The only ones that are public knowledge are the really big ones that someone bragged about.

      And technically, humans and everything else on this planet came from the remains of an exploded star. We are all stardust. Even if you weren't religious, that would still be true.

  • where r they?