Would you consider this as a prank or am I taking this one to far?

So here's the deal:
Me and a very good friend of mine are in a prank war.
I came up with a prank to take my revenge for a prank he pulled on me recently but I'm not sure if I'm taking this prank to far. My plan was to fill up his entire bathroom with styrofoam filler beads.
Is this still a prank or is this mean?

  • I would definitely not like this and be very angry.
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  • I would be a bit annoyed but I wouldn't be angry.
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  • I would laugh and take revenge.
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  • That sounds pretty funny haha.


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  • I cannot stand practical jokes. I don't do them because I get very pissed off when someone does it to me.
    But even if I am ok with them, those things very tiny and exremely hard to clean up. If the person has pets they can die if they eat them. if it gets into the plumbing, it can clog it and cost a lot of money for a plumber.
    I suggest growing up.

    • The joke is how hard it is to clean up. Nothing wrong with a little hard work at her age. I don't let my pets into my bathroom anyways, and most drains have grates that prevent things that are too big from going down them. If they are small enough but still manage to get stuck, just plunge the drain.

      No harm done. But you're entitled to your opinion. And I've often felt far too tired to deal with prank clean-up. If no one ever cleans it up, then it could get very annoying.

  • not good... pranks r NEVE funny actually... ithey might end up into a big fight ;-)

    • Okay, thanks for your opinion!

  • That sounds like a lot of work. Why not just put clear plastic wrap under his toilet seat?

    • It's worth it tho xD

    • I couldn't breathe after my brother came out and told me "You're cleaning that up.". I guess it depends on your sense of humor.

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