Why is a child shamed if a parent or close relative were to be a horrible person from the past?

A while back, I was seeing about the case of a serial rapist that eventually got sentenced to life. However, the son was too little to even remember his father at the time. It was within his early teen years that he found out who and what type of monster his father was thanks to the internet and social media.

What sucks is while the poor kid has been trying to live a normal life, he would get harrassed by his school classmates and the family would receive nasty phone calls.

How is that innocent child (along with his loving the other innocent family members)... well now a grown man and absolutely nothing like his so called father even responsible for the father's actions? Doesn't makes sense at all.

Same thing when I was once watching a soap opera. A little girl's mother dies but other accused the dead woman of cheating on the girl's father with her friend's husband. For 10 years, the girl had to put up with getting shamed and told she was just like her mother. Why is a little girl even responsible for that?


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  • wrong in my opinion... i believe parents should b shamed if kid's under 12 or so :-)

    • Exactly... unless their child grows up doing the same thing...,, my hatred would go towards the perpetrator only, not the poor innocent kid.

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  • Because people are dicks and men get shamed for being raped

  • because teenagers especially have terrible logic