How tight should my hockey skates be?

Hey! So, I recently got skates and a person at the store helped select them. She said that I should be able to fit two fingers in the back and wiggle them around and she checked and stuff. The skates that she gave me are a size 7. I wear a shoe size 8.5. They're nice around my ankles I think, not too tight that they hurt or touch my ankles really hard and not too lose that I can move them a lot from side to side. I don't know how to describe it, it's like a teeny bit loose so that if i have to tilt my skate, it won't hurt my ankle and my ankle has enough flexibility to tilt the same direction. From the top, around the tongue however, they're kinda lose. Then again, I was told that I should be able to fit two fingers down the back and move them a bit so that's how the person helped us choose them. When I stand, my feet tilt inwards, although, I think that may be me because when I had roller blades. even though they were snug, when I stood, they were fine but when I started skating, they would go in wards so it might be how I skate. Does this sound fine though? Or should I get even tighter skates? If it's okay, do you think that I should maybe get longer laces so I can tighten my skates up a wee bit more? Everyone at the public skate had skates that were super snug at the tongue so I don't know. I like mine loose but I don't want them lose enough to like break my ankle or something. I think they're okay cause like you need room to kind of move your leg or tilt it or what ever but I don't know. :/ This is my first time choosing skates, I know how to skate on ice cause I taught my self when we had skating events at school but I've never bought my own so choosing them is a first.


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  • Hockey skates need to be designed so they don't fall off your feet so, moderately tight

    • sorry I'm slightly tired not need to be designed are designed, so yea tight enough

    • They are tight enough, so I guess it's just me then? I skate with my feet wide open so I don't know i that's why I slant them in :/ It's most likely just me then, do you know a way I can fix this? cause I don't want to start off with a bad form ( feet slanting inwards)

    • you want them just tight enough so they don't come off is what I was trying to say

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