Why wouldn't more people get the amazon fire phone?

Really I'd probably say it's one level below an iPhone in terms of quality, and when you get it on sale it's a much better buy.


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  • Ehhh.. It's not that great.
    My mom bought one then returned it.

    • She didn't use amazon that much anyways, the dynamic perspective thing was blah, and the phone burned up really fast.. like within 2 minutes it started to get hot.
      A simple android phone is better for her.

    • the dynamic perspective thing is pretty cool o0

      I think maybe you got a defective model? This has not once felt hot for me.

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  • how much does it cost then?

    • $450 but it is sometimes marked down to $189, and at that price you can't find a better phone... plus a year of amazon prime and a bunch of other perks.

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  • I'm satisfied with my Galaxy S5


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