80s music poll: Favorite album by Wham!/George Michael/Paul Young?

Wham! Were very popular , on both sides of da atlantic…even if they were short-lived (they existed only 5 years), they made it really big! After their break-up George Michael followed a successful solo career. My personal fav would “Music From The Edge Of Heaven” coz it had 2 of my fav ballads,”Last Christmas”, and “Where Did Your Heart Go?”…didn’t lke his solo album “Faith” much tbh.

Paul Young was another British singer, who was kinda similar with Wham/George Michael…coz he released only 3 albums, during 80s…. i couldn’t make a separate poll just 4 him….. i included him here ^_^

No Parlez, is my fav by him…and his cover of Joy Division’s “Love Will Tear Us Apart” is fantastic…. probably da best cover of this song :D and of course…..“Ku Ku Kurama” soooo danceable…yay \O/…. and “sex”…. a sexy song 8)


  • Fantastic (Wham!)
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  • Make It Big (Wham!)
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  • Music From The Edge Of Heaven (Wham!)
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  • Faith (George Michael)
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  • No Parlez (Paul Young)
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  • The Secret Of Association (Paul Young)
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  • Between Two Fires (Paul Young)
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  • OMG. How can you pick ONE best out of those. All I can say is that Fantastic was the least mature and Between Two Fires was that least commercially hit album.


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