GAGers: Marvel or DC?

The poll is for which you think is better OVERALL. In the opinions, please state which you think is better based on the comics, movies, show adaptations, video games, and of course the characters themselves.

I feel like DC has the better comics, games, and characters, while Marvel has the better shows and movies. The Batman & Superman movies are superb, but they're really the only noteworthy movies DC has made in the last 15 years (I'm NOT including the animated movies). Green Lantern was ehh. While the Thor, Iron Man, Spiderman, and both Avengers movies from this century alone were AMAZING.

For shows, DC gave us Arrow, The Flash, and Smallville (and is currently in the process of making "DC's Legends of Tomorrow") while Marvel has given us Daredevil.

As for the characters themselves, I feel like DC's would defeat Marvel's if they were to gather together in some parallel universe where they can coexist and were to have an all-out battle.

So in overall, I prefer DC because I read comics and play games more often than I watch movies and TV. If it were the other way around, I would've picked Marvel.

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I forgot to include Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D in the shows that Marvel has made, whoops lol

Also in animated shows, DC always had the better ones :P


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  • I'd say both, but I've always like DC better. I'm a batsies for life

    • Movies, I like Marvel.. Comic books or cartoons, I like DC

    • What do you think about the whole "Batman vs Superman" debate? Who do you think would win? I personally think that Batman would always win, and not just because he's ALREADY kicked Superman's ass. More than once too haha

    • Well people said he's not going to be canon this time around, so all bets are off and he can actually do things similar to the comic book rather than just the average batman guy we were given in the movies. Batman may lose the battle, but Batman always wins the war.

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  • See, I tend to prefer shows and movies for entertainment, so I definitely prefer Marvel. Agent Carter is pretty much one of my favorite shows at this point, and Daredevil was pretty damn good too. Also, Captain America stuff is one of the few kinds of fanfiction I read, so there's that too.

    • I do really need to start reading comics though. From what I've seen, Wonder Woman looks pretty great, as do some of the Marvel comics.

  • I think Marvel has better movies
    And DC makes better TV shows

    But I'm a fan or both marvel and DC

    • I think Marvel's TV shows have just been Agents of S. H. I. E. L. D. and Daredevil, right? I haven't seen either. I really liked Teen Titans though.

  • Marvel all the way!

    • Dark Night series though... And for TV, Teen Titans and Justice League. I think Marvel is a lot better, but I wouldn't say "all the way".

  • Both, I like both.


What Guys Said 6

  • I'm a Dozerfleet, even though it only has one movie completed and published. (It's oftentimes a one-to-six-man-only operation, so it takes forever to churn anything out.)

    But when it comes to the characters, etc., it's obvious that a lot more inspiration comes from Marvel. Just a sample of characters/items and their alternate company equivalents:

    Ciem - Spider-Girl (Marvel)
    Emeraldon - Meteor Man (Marvel)
    Botan - Sam Smithers (Marvel)
    Earwig and Musaran - Luthor's suits (DC)
    Sapphire King and Taterbug - Joker and Harley, minus the abusive relationship part (DC)
    Extirpon - Ghost Rider and Sylar (Marvel and NBC)
    Navyrope - V or Batman (DC)
    Gray Champion - Thor (Marvel)
    The Chen (submarine aircraft carrier that looks like a giant clam) - the Hellicarrier (Marvel)
    SCALLOP - SHIELD (Marvel)
    Stung Hornet - Black Widow (Marvel)
    Purge-Flare - Punisher (Marvel)
    Icy Finger - Hydra (Marvel)
    Volkonir - Kamen Rider (Toei)
    Cherinob - Ghost Rider and Underworld Selene (Marvel / Lionsgate)
    Pilltar - Avatar (James Cameron) meets Reel Steel meets Iron Man 3 Mk. 42, but pint-sized. (Marvel overtones)
    Lambrelli Labs and Malestrom Industries - Stark Industries (Marvel)
    Miriam Flippo- Daisy Johnson (Marvel)
    Black Rat - Dick Tracy (Buena Vista)
    Teal Hog - mashup of Hiro Nakamura and Inspector Clouseau (NBC and MGM)
    Tin Dragon - Raphael (Mirage/Nickelodeon)
    Microwave Mouth - Extremis (Marvel)
    Charles Hammerstein - Steve Rogers (Marvel)
    Anarteq - Aquaman (DC)
    Cocklebur - The Mask (Dark Horse)

    So... Marvel wins.

  • Dc better shows and comics. Marvel better movies and more fun diverse characters. Also there is no superman all most all the characters can be beaten somehow.

  • I like dc but I like Marvel more. Personally I also think if the X-Men and brotherhood alone joined forces against dc they would win but with all of marvel I kinda think they would obliterate dc. Sorry just how I feel even despite the characters I love from both sides.

  • Grew up on Marvel crew checking in.

  • Marvels of course.

  • I'm BATMAN!!!