Anyone here who has changed names in home country and applied for student visa?

Hey I'm got a very peculiar problem here. I've legally changed my name while I was in college. Now I'm applying in some foreign unversities for further studies. Will the name change be a problem for getting student visa or getting accepted by foreign universities?


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  • The only reason I can imagine there might be any problems, would be if all of your paperwork is not in order.

    When it comes to applying to study abroad, you have to be very organized and punctual when it comes to getting all the necessary documents together and submitting them.

    Assuming you have quick and easy access to any documents that might be needed in this case... I think you should be fine. I don't see why a name change would affect anything though. Of course you can always double check with whichever universities you're interested in applying to, I'm sure they'd be able to answer any questions you have.

    • do you know anyone (or yourself) who has faced difficulty due to incoherence in different documents which are required when applying for a foreign university?

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    • yeah I have heard a lot of Horror stories of how people's visa get rejected for slightest reason (I know a guy who claims that he didn't get a visa because of his beard/goatee that he used to keep).
      So I'm worried that the incoherence between my school and college documents might lead to problems.

    • Yeah honestly, as long as your documents are all matching and current, and you can readily provide them... if you're able to clearly explain and prove your name change, I honestly don't see why there would be an issue. Again, if you find out which university you want to apply to, get in contact with them to ask about what specific documents may be needed, or better yet give your consulate a call.

  • If it was a legal change there shouldn't be a problem


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