Help please!- How can I stop thinking about this?

I've had a very hectic weekend so far and I need some help if I want to sleep!
My grandpa, who I am very close to, nearly killed himself on Friday . I'm not talking by accident, but by suicide. He lost his younger brother last year who lived alone and his sister back in Italy keeps on guilting him into thinking that it's all his fault. My great uncle never took care of himself, he smoked and drank when the doctors told him not to. My grandpa tried to get him to move in with him and my grandma but he refused. So, his sister keeps saying how he should've gotten him to live with him and take him to the doctor and stuff. My grandpa is a strong man, the only time I've seen him cry was when it was the day his brother died and the day he saw his other sister after 20 years. My grandma has also been very stubborn (we just found out she has her cancer again and she can't drive so he has to take her to appointments ) and been nagging him like crazy. I love her, but she's hard headed! They got into a fight and he just says he's gonna kill himself, so he went and got a ladder and climbed THROUGH the ceiling. When my grandma calls us, she talks for minutes, so when she called home in a panic it was only my sister and I and we noticed that she was rushing. We texted my mum about it and she called her straight away, luckily, and found out about it. They couldn't get him down so in a panic they called the police and while they were talking to them he snuck out. He came back and we realised he was depressed. It was his brothers birthday this week, his sister is blaming him and my grandma is sick. My mum told her to stay in her room and lock the door at night, because he's not in his right mind set. He's locked himself in his room and has only come out to use the toilet. He's got a gut on him so I doubt he will starve, but I'm so worried. I have gotten no sleep over the past 2 days and I'm freaking out.
Please answer these questions for me:
1. What are the side affects of antidepressants

2. What would he be thinking about? He doesn't have any technology in his room to distract himself but a radio.
3. How long do you think it will take for him to come back to his usual self

4. My grandparents have been married 51 or 52 years, will they stay together

5. How can I get some sleep?


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  • Wow. Did I just understand correctly? He is locked in his room

    What about the family trying to do something nice for him? Cook a nice family dinner, take him for walks.

    • He locked himself in his room. The only time he comes out is to use the toilet and get some water

    • We want to take him out, in a fortnight we are going to go see his favourite football team with him because it's one of the players last games

    • It's time for the family to join forces and give him a good time. He needs a break from all the nagging and blaming. He needs to feel loved and to feel that you guys actually care for him. What about everyone writing a card with the nicest memory you have with him and give it to him?

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