Do you visit 4chan and what do you like about it?

It's a hostile place but also very unique and interesting. One of the few places where you aren't banned or blocked for speaking your mind. I mainly visit /r9k/ and /vg/.

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  • The format is whack so I just can't be arsed with 4chan. Reddit is by a country mile the coolest website, I spend more time there than here, everything about is is better- the people and their attitude, the moderation, everything. Coming on GaG is like visiting a zoo with weird animals and shit zoo keepers, fascinating but a bit depressing if you overdo it.

    • Well I hate upvoting so I don't like Reddit. Give a good opinion that other people just happen to disagree with and you're downvoted to hell. I don't like the hugbox mentality.

      That said, Reddit can be informative at times so I do lurk.

    • I do know what you mean, it can be a bit loveydovey and superficial at times, but I find this place worse for insincere reputation seeking if I'm honest. Generally on reddit stuff is upvoted on merit, if someone said something funny and it got upvoted it was probably genuinely funny and humorous on a few levels, I don't wanna be totally scathing of this place but I find it a bit basic at times, that can be good and bad. The people over there seem to be more grown up and less combative, if someone behaves like an ass they get downvoted and as long as it's not over the top the mods leave everyone to get on with the business of tearing them a new asshole, it's better judged and less petty over all. All this means the majority want to contribute and the quality is better, very few act up because there's no need. I thought this was a good example of the people in action..

    • That comment wasn't speculative bullshit dressed up as experience like most comments here, it was relevant, well written and informative.

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