What career would suit me the best?

Okay so it's time to take a decision in my life. To choose a career. People has already started asking me what I'm planning to do. What course am I about join and all. And I don't know what to answer. I hope you guys can find out what really suits me? (I'm not that old if you think I'm and If I say my age you might say that I still got time to decide but then Girls of my age has it all figured out which course they're gonna join and which stream and stuffs)
I like writing essays and stuffs so much. even though I haven't won for anything till now. But I have got apprecieated for my thoughts. And I used to write poems and I have got congratulated by my teacher and she was like stunned reading my poem but that was when I was very young, like in 5th or 6th grade. I don't really write poem nowadays and even If I do, I don't show them to anyone because I'm way too NOT confident. I love photography! I love looking at the sky and enjoying the nature's beauty. by the way I have asked my mother about me joining for photography course or something but she isn't interested. she says that I can't make a good career out of it, Well I thought and it is true what she said right? I mean people don't become photographers of famous magazines that easy haha. Thenn, um My mom likes me being a doctor like almost everybody in my family is interested in that. But nahh.. even though Biology is pretty fun sometimes :P and kind of easy because I score good marks, I don't wanna become a doctor. It's boring, Because everybody goes for it. and engineering too. sitting inside 3 walls and working? the thought sickens me!
I wanted to be a journalist by the way, it's so much fun but I deleted that idea just after I realized that I can't even speak infront of a crowd then goes being a journalist! Journalists are smart! and I'm not. Then I thought about taking English lit or something because I like it. And then I thought that just because I like writing essay and enjoy nature and ge

where's the other half of my question! O. o


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  • Your mom is till some extent kinda right. Lots of people like photography and that's why it's such a popular study. Just like things as drawing. You have to be extremely talented and really stand out of the crowd to do actually be successful in it.
    I know how difficult it is to find a study that fits you. I had problems with it too (still do), but for me it was a little bit easier, because I liked biology and science and was good at it, so I knew where to look.
    You could first look at where are you going to study. College? University? It's a little more easy to get into university in America than it is in the Netherlands so I can't fully help you with that.
    What subjects are you good at except for biology?
    What kind of job have your parents and family done? (This is actually quite important and often underrated by people)

    • I'm good at English . And Chemistry too kinda. My dad is a professor at college, he teaches math and I suck at math and hate it lol and my brother is an engineer. It's also math & physics so again lol :P

    • And your mom? It can be that your interests are from only your moms side. I mean, my dad is a lawyer, sister studies economics and business management and my. mom is a family doctor. However I want to study brain science, so I kinda got that from my mom. We were both good at chemistry and biology.

    • Actually my mom is a housewife. She had taken chemistry as main in college. And by the way, me and my mom are alike in terms of tastes. I mean we both like to write. she's good at it too and she used to recite poems and even write them.