America's economic collapse?

Really this question is toward my fellow americans, but if you still want to comment, please just be respectful.

Anyways, Ron Paul was doing an interview saying the economic collapse is coming really soon. He basically told us we need to prepare, and we will no longer have the liberties we are used to. Fellow americans, what do you think about this?

For me, it is a little scary--yet questionable. I feel, if we were going to have an economic collapse, it would have happened already. Any intellectual thoughts on this? If we are... then I want to prepare now for it.


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  • Obama and the Liberials have spent so much money, much of it wasted , that economic hardships are coming. I think of it as a financial heart attack coming. Everything seems fine, there are warning signs but not big deal right now, then it will hit and hit hard. The left will of course blame the rich, otherwise known as successful people. So, get some longterm storage food, know where you will get water (local lakes with some purification pills which can be had from camp ing stores and are cheap). Get some guns and lots of ammo for protection during riots and break in robberies. Get a 9mm, Ak-47 semi-automatic clone, and a shotgun with buckshot. Hopefully all of this is just "insurance" and much of it can be resold if need be but in times of crisis, you won't be able to get these items. Oh, gets some silver and/ or gold if you can.

    • Okay, thank you for your help. I am not sure where we can get the Ak-47 lol but I will look into it. and yeah sadly, I agree with you.

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    • Thanks @Eifflegirl21 :)

    • @abc3643, ''The racists running Faux News help incite this hatred all along.
      Fox News: Billionaires paying millionaires to tell the middle class to blame it on the poor, minorities, and homosexuals.''..

      Yeees~! Yeeees~! Blame this divide all on: 'teh shouldaz of teh fauz newz & teh wasis wright wing parteh'~! Yeeeees~~~!!! *rubs handz* Good lil' sheep! Dance! Dance! DANCE MY PUPPET!!! Hhahahahahahahha! *cough*, *cough*, *hack*, *cough*.. Shit. Where did I put the cough syrup... - The MSM

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  • I remember a stat that showed the last 100 years:

    - Medical knowledge: 70% growth
    - Economics knowledge: 10% growth.

    I forget what the actual stats conveyed however you get the idea..

    So why is this? You can take medicine and test it on animals and get results whereas economics you can't "at will" test because it can crumble a whole country given you take the wrong moves.

    Understanding and knowing how to make sound economic related decisions in lets say "Columbia" is going to be much simpler than the U. S. A. Also Note that Globalization is only a little over decade which changed economics entirely. So you can only imagine how little we know and how variables affect our economy.

    My point is that i wouldn't take anything "Ron Paul" or anyone for that matter on the subject with too much weight.

    If i were to weigh in, China is focusing on manufacturing while America is focusing on service economy (basically intellectual goods) is a good thing. We switch from relying on material goods to producing intangible goods.. in the long run this is more sustainable.

    My Brain wants to explode thinking about economics.

    • thank you for your input. that makes me feel better lol. and haha hence why I refuse to take it in school :)

    • I Have my BA in Economics and we generally study 3rd world countries which is simpler to understand than the U. S.

      Something to think about is this:

      City of New York's GDP = all of Mexico.
      City of San Diego's GDP = all of Brazil.

      So while there's always going to be a politician who includes a spiel about improving the U. S. Economy... We are doing far better than most of the World.

      During my Studies 4% unemployment was said to be the standard for a healthy economy, after just 3 years they re-wrote the text books to 6%... So due to globalization.. no one knows anything honestly about how to handle it as the amount of factors that play into economics are un predictable and unfortunately, not testable. If they do implement new laws, regulations and stimulus "ideas," we still won't know how it affects our new economy long after you and i are dead.

    • wow that is really cool to know those statistics. thank you! still makes me feel better!

  • Ron Paul is a rich powerful man who believes the rich should get richer and the poor should get poorer. In my opinion he's too far right, but most republicans are. Just like most democrats are too far left. The two parties try and turn everyone against each other, when really I think America should take the good from both sides and start actually working together as a whole. But on the topic of collapse. As birth rates drop in America and the western world, populations are beginning to shrink to dangerous levels, becuase of this the governments are having to bring in more immigrants to balance the dwindling populations. More Mexicans being let into America, and more Muslims are being let into Europe . When two different cultures are brought together in this way it can cause unrest and violence between the two groups. Americas middle class is being destroyed and the gap between the rich and the poor is getter farther and farther apart

  • Well the big question is this. At the current rate and direction we are going are we creating a sustainable future for ourselves?

    Mass legal/Illegal Immigration a nearly open border.
    With no clear obvious plan of how to integrate these people into the work for and society when so many American born citizens are suffering.

    An enlarging Welfare state and growing every year.

    Politicians on both sides who do not know what to do other then throw more money at problems and enlarge the national debt even further.

    A growing police state and increasingly every day signs of civil unrest and unhappiness. Which the Government, media and others throw fuel on as if to attempt to get these things to spread out of control.

    Not being a conspiracy theorist but the signs are all around us that the glory days of America are past and bad times are ahead of us.

    Economic collapse and much worse is in the air.

    • I agree with you... and yeah it is crazy. I hope we do something to sustain our country :/

  • I know very little about any of this, I'll admit, but one thing is clear from my european point of view; Obama is the best you've ever had and everyone is too blind to see it.

    • thank you for your input. I think FDR is the best lol why do you think obama is the best?

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    • well, hopefully it will get better then :)

    • When I first read ur comment I was like: 'Is u srs?'.. Then I saw ur location...

      Location: Netherlands

      Lol you'll end up just like how Sweden is right now, only to have Russia make u their bitch, later on, after that~! xD

  • Don't worry about it. Be more worried about environmental collapse.

    • I am equally worried about both. Not sure what we are going to do.

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    • Because economic collapses are correctable with human intervention. The Great Recession happened and that was because of poor enforcement and controls, but direct corrective action was capable of being taken by people.

      Environmental issues are more complex and not as easily correctable by direct action. We have to stop doing useful things and let Nature's intrinsic stabilizing actions correct things. However, natural systems are nonlinear and many nonlinear systems have things called seperatrices. A separatrix is akin to a line separates two different domains of behavior in a system. If the system normally is in one domain of behavior, it can't cross a separatrix without an external influence. If an external influence - like humans dumping greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere - causes the system to cross the separatrix, the only way to get it back is with more external influences. Unfortunately, that needed effort to get the system back may be beyond our capabilities.

    • * We have to stop doing HARMFUL things

  • No offence, but I think Ron Paul is a little to one side...

    • please care to elaborate? and no offense taken :)

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    • yeah true. I see your point. I also heard his son was going to run for president. So maybe this is why too?

    • Not even close bro. He's a libertarian in repub's clothing.. you can't get much more moderate then that~! Tho I do wish his son Rand Paul would adopt the libertarian stance on abortion like his father has.. ): Who knows? Maybe he will in time, he's still evolving as a libertarian after all...

      Having said that I would still vote for Rand Paul for President if he manages to make it out of the repub primaries, he's probably gon have to lie his ass off & say he's for a bunch neo-con shit in order to make it outta their alive but Idc if he has to, he has to, that just shows how bad of a situation this country is in right now. His father is too old to run for president any more so it's up to his son, Rand Paul, to carry forth the libertarian/classical liberal dream of our forefathers!


  • I eagerly wait for it, op.. 100% Srs.

    • kind of terrible to be eager about this :(

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    • First of all, we only have 1 issue with USA: it's not us who's expanding our country towards American military bases abroad, it's USA who's expanding it's military bases abroad towards our borders. Plain and simple. As soon as those bases disappear, we won't give a single flying fuck about USA.
      Anyway, I see 2 options in the future (realistic ones, not fueled by stupid patriotism)
      1.) People like Ron Paul and his supporters take control, scrap military bases abroad, stop creating terrorists worldwide etc and start working on issues such as usdebtclock. org
      It's a good-good for both USA and Russia.
      2.) Americans don't give a shit like they did for last 50 years, their economy collapses and their country will look like this:
      This one is awesome for us (Russians) since Alaska will finally come back where it belongs, but obviously catastrophic for Americans.

      I'm not going to lie, both options are okay for me.

    • On a side note: I don't want actually people, even though they are Americans, to suffer: I know from experience (I was raised during the collapse of USSR) just what the fuck actual collapse is. So my humane side is hoping you'll get your shit together.
      But my nationalistic/imperialistic side wants Alaska back. Not many know (even though this information is freely accessible to anyone), but USA never FULLY paid for it. Time to to either pay back or give it back.

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  • There's just no realistic way the economy is just going to collapse. The domestic American economy is built on technology, housing, transportation, pharmaceuticals, and more. Then we have even more international involvement. I mean there's basically no way that ALL of that or even a significant enough portion of that is going to just BOOM gone XD

    Ron Paul is an isolationist who wants to get rid of the IRS. He is not someone you want to take any sort of economic advice from :/

    • thank you for your input :) I have to agree.

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    • @Sugardaddy870

      Like I told ShutUpAndSuckMe if you legitimately think the IRS is disposable then I don't have enough time in this month let alone today to explain to you how that's incorrect and why. Sorry :c

    • Ok if not abolishing the IRS, Would you agree that a system of Abolishing the massive tax code would be a feasible solution. With no special loop holes or deductions for private citizens or businesses alike and a simple every person and entity pays the same percentage. Why could we not have a system like that which is simple and easy to understand and makes it fair for all.

  • Spend only on essentials.

    Put your savings in a community bank

    Stock up food supplies and candles lol.