Acceptable reason or not?

I was born with eyelid ptosis. It's drooping of the eyelid due to poor muscle function. Mine doesn't affect the eyesight so it isn't paid for and is considered elective surgery. Is it a good reason to get elective surgery? It is a birth defect but mine is mild. The doctor said it may affect eyesight as I age bc the muscle is already so poor.

I'm asking for opinions from those who are against cosmetic work.

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I don't mean the surgery will affect my eyesight I meant the drooping may worse and block my vision
please don't say do what makes u happy or who cares what people think etc


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  • if it might affect yer eyesight... better not :S

    • Well every surgery has risk but I didn't mean the procedure. My doctor said the drooping may worsen as I get older

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  • just do what makes you happy


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  • Sounds acceptable to me, but and due to what the doctor said--that it may affect eyesight as you age--this SHOULD be paid for. There are possible complications for the future.

    • He said it's not bc the insurance company only covers ones that affect eyesight. My doctor said mine is stable and has been since birth but when I get older it may worsen bc my muscle function is already so poor.

    • That's still messed up to me. That's like rejecting a woman with double Gs insurance to cover her breast reduction when women with bigger boobs usually get back pains as they get older.

    • Ur telling me lol. I would love for it to be paid for but sadly it's not. I mean if I were to wait till it affects my eyesight then it would be but I want to get it done now bc it really affects my self esteem. I don't look people in the eye bc of it.