How to pay for college?

I'm 14. My grades are not high so I doubt I l'd get in even if I had money. I absolutely refuse to go to any university in my small Middle Eastern country because I'm not planning to live here for more than I have to, so wherever I go, I'll be an international student. I was thinking about Sweden unless I heard they charged every international student $2000-$5000, which is 5000-13000 in our currency. Plus the cost of living. Families don't have the habit of saving up for college here. My health insurance will also end when I'm 17. I'm pretty scared.

To someone who is trying hard to push me to suicide, dear Anonymous?
Just FYI: You white supremacists are not paying for my college education. If you gave me money, I'd set it on fire along with you. Racism is a horrible thing and you're a burden to the world. I don't like telling people to kill themselves, but you need to do that for the world's sake. You're a shame.


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  • Hey. Kudos for considering this in advance.

    The best bet is to work hard - it will pay off. The people who did well from my school weren't the smartest - they were those who put in the most effort.

    Another thing is to develop a strong network of people you like. Don't be afraid to contact people for advice, etc. Sometimes you can catch a lucky break.

    And figure out what you enjoy doing and want to do as a job. That kind of self-knowledge will make everything much easier.

    • Thank you! I want to do charity work.

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    • Oh, I'm only unsafe if I live around homophobes. I could get bullied at school and my very strict paternal family whom I don't live with could disown me. So I'm only out to close friends and maternals. Thanks for the great advice!

    • I admire you for your spirit :) Do take care, and thanks for MHO :)

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  • I'm surprised if it's that cheap. International students here are 3-4x that amount.

    Why are your grades 'not high'. Your grades till now won't hold you back if you can increase them. A lot.

    • I'm actually not doing bad, but I fail HARD at Maths. I guess my grades overall are average.

  • oh well... u cannot do much... better forget bout college... i'd suggest :-)

  • if you can get your grades up many American Universities have scholarships specifically for international students

    • I don't really want to live in America. Europe is better for me. And American colleges cost way too much for even locals.

  • your not even old enough

    • So? Better start thinking about it now.

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  • You ruled out your best guess which is doing well in school. You don't have to be a genius but you definetly need to try. If it's really important then you'll have to try to find the time to make it work.

  • can you not get a student loan?

    • Only EU citizens can get them. I'm not one.

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    • Let's make one thing clear: I'm not going there to feed my 15 children lahmacun using your tax money. (And you're not being racist, take ''you'' as ''anyone'' here)

      I'm not taking their jobs that they don't have. If someone in RL tried to accuse me of stealing jobs or living off welfare, they'd get a punch in the face. This is really annoying. Almanc─▒ Turks ruined our reputation forever.

    • okay, okay... calm down... no need to be so aggressive

  • Higher your grades then. Like we're waiting for more immigrants going to college in our European countries and living of our tax money.

    • You should be ashamed for trying to bully people online and make them feel unwanted. Not like I'm asking you to come, anyway. Wait till I come there and spend your tax money on lahmacun with my 15 kids.

    • If you call that bullying and you want to commit suicide for this you should do something about your instability. You must be very weak then. Screaming for attention by updating your question because someone wasn't very nice to you on the internet. Cry me a river little kid.
      Why don't you start having children already. Being a teen mom, then you never even have to go to college. I mean, if you don't want to put any effort in your grades and just avoid your problems by living off other people's money you clearly don't even have the mentality to go to college. Now that's what I call bullying.

    • You don't understand sarcasm, don't you... Crying for attention, huh? Says a racist. Attacking people like this. This conversation is over.

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