80s music poll: Favorite album by Human League/Lover Speaks?

Sure 1 of da most popular synth-pop bands…. and their album “Dare” was da biggest-selling album of its genre.

Personally I prefer their early stuff when they were more experimental…. particularly their albums “Reproduction” n “Travelogue”…those 2 pretty much defined synth-pop’s sound that will become a trend l8r.

Lover Speaks were an 1-album band... and i included them here coz discogs say:

"The Lover Speaks was a New Wave duo formed by David Freeman and Joseph Hughes, two former members of the Punk band The Flys. Often stylistically compared to The Human League, the group released only a single self-titled album in 1986. "

but... unfortunately... not even half as good as HL... their album made me fall asleep... really ^_^

  • Travelogue (Human League)
    Vote A
  • Dare (Human League)
    Vote B
  • Fascination (Human League)
    Vote C
  • Hysteria (Human League)
    Vote D
  • Crash (Human League)
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  • The Lover Speaks (Lover Speaks)
    Vote F
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