What do you think of this song here (Adiemus by Enya)?

So I was wondering what your impression of this song is if you play the link I put here. When you listen to the song, what is the impression you get of it? Any ideas people places events it reminds you of?

Also can you tell me if you like or KIND of like the song or not at all? Thanks


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  • I like enya's music and I've heard of this its kind of tribal spiritual

    • yep. So what do you think of it?
      So let me ask you I saw in the other posts you are in USA. Were you born in the states or in China?

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    • Well I don't listen to this song 24/7 but sometimes I do. lol

      Oh I asked you "So what do you think of it?" LOL you already answered that I guess I just forgot that lol

    • Well I didn't forget I OVERLOOKed.

  • It's a classic!

  • wondering what your impression of this song


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  • its a bit strange.

    • Strange? Well...
      I mean what kinds of songs do you listen to? Do you mind sharing or? lol

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