Ladies.. which is worse?

i saw a question on this site and this girls boyfriend told people he fucked another girl but he lied about it. i dont think that was a big deal because he didn't actually cheat on her. he just said he did.

what is worse:
your boyfriend lying and telling people about having fucked another girl when he didn't OR
him actually doing it?

  • boyfriend claiming he fucked another girl when he didn't
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  • boyfriend actually cheating on me
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  • equally as bad
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some girls were like break up with him but her boyfriend did not even cheat on her.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Telling people is worse because the word spreads and it ruins the image of both the guy and his girl.

    Cheating, but being discrete about it only hurts the cheater as it's a lie he'll have to live with.

    • why would it hurt the guy and the girl's image?

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    • yeah mybe for the guy but how would it affect his girlfriend?

    • I was talking about the girl. Imagine the conversations other people would be having behind her back. It'd start with "oh, poor girl, she has no idea what he's done", and eventually lead to "damn, she must know. she mustn't have any self esteem or self respect if she's sticking around."

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  • Boyfriend actually cheating is worse I think.


What Guys Said 3

  • The actual cheating is worse but the bragging shows serious character flaws.

  • I think if he actually did it would be worse...

    But the fact that he lied has created honesty and trust issues for me... Next time he does cheat and lies that he didn't do it?

  • Both childish