Can you listen to this song here and tell me what you think of it?

Can anybody relate to it? I'm re-using this from my previous post


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  • Serena may be the Moon Princess but Sailor Jupiter is and will always be my numbah 1# Sailor Scout! And the song makes me feel... sentimental for the moment... sensory overload has been reached ABORT ABORT ABORT!!!

    • SO you username is intriguing... may I ask where is this inspired from? lol

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    • *thumbs up* indefinately.

    • @Asker - and what about yours? What is the causation of your user name?

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  • Sounds like a lullaby. Not to my liking but to each its own.

    • Thanks for watching the video. Yeah this is from Sailor Moon; pretty much the mood of the show is in this clip here but the show has more themes to it as well that really touches the heart. lol

    • This show use to be popular when I was a kid around 9 /10. I'm 30 now you have to be around my age.. Are you?

    • Yeah I am; I used to watch this growing up but I revisited this clip and still I ended up replaying this over lol.

      But I wouldn't say I'd ever grow too old for anything...