Battle of the crisps?

Nik Naks get my vote. I would add a few more but that's the limit on polls. Oh well :)
May the best crisps win :D

... God I hate quavers and wotsits

  • Quavers
    Vote A
  • Nik Nkas
    Vote B
  • Wheat Crunchies
    Vote C
  • Monster Munch
    Vote D
  • Skips
    Vote E
  • McCoys
    Vote F
  • Wotsits
    Vote G
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  • We don't have any of those brands over here in the US. However we do have Walkers here (sold under the brand name Lays) and they're the #1 selling brand.

  • Thai Sweet Chilli flavour Walkers.
    Paprika flavour Walkers Max are very nice too, if you're looking for ridged crisp.

    And if it's not potato-based, I don't consider it a proper crisp - which rules out virtually everything on your list (although admittedly Rib 'n' Saucy Nik Naks are very yummy, as are Flamin' Hot Monster Munch and Spicy Tomato flavour Snaps).

  • In Ireland we have a brand called Tayto and they are gorgeous.

  • Quavers are the best. :')

  • well i am not European so i don't know what these taste like so i will just guess based on the name hopefully someone can tell me what they taste like i will go with McCoys but Wotsits sounds like a good name to

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