How can I tell my new boss this?

I just got hired at this up and coming company to be receptionist. However, if you don't know, usually up and coming companies usually consist a lot of hands on work for each employee. So while my boss was telling me my duties, it just seems as if he wants me to be his assistant too meaning, working at home or prob over time. I understand where he's coming from cause it is an up and coming company so he needs all the help he can get at the moment.

But I def don't want this position if I'm going to be his assistant too. I applied to be a receptionist at a specific shift and once my shift is done, I'm done so no working from home or anything. I already negitiated with him to hire another receptionist for the later shift since I am also busy establishing my main career. Plus I offered to do the hiring and he accepted so now I have the chance to hire someone capable of being his assistant more than me. Kind of shady but hey you gotta do what you gotta do. I'm hoping once I hire someone good he will see as less of his assistant and PLUS as I said, I applied to be a receptionist at a specific shift so i don't think its right if he has me working from home right?

How can I negotiate with him to treat me more of a recpetionist than his assistant in a professional and neutral way?


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  • if i was u, i;'d either say nothing or i'd quit from da job... wot if he gets furious? he might b some crazy boss who has a short fuse :-|

    • No he seems understanding but strict. Espcially that I've already negotiated with him for a few things, Im afraid to bother him again but that doesn't mean I'm not gonna tell him. I will let him know but I just wanna know how in the best way possible.

    • However, yeah if he is not being understanding of what I want then I will have to quit because I have a feeling he wants me to be a part of his company in the long-run and ugh im just not for that. The thing is finally I got a job! lol and it pays well

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  • Simply tell him you don't want to work from home, that you're done when your shift is over and that the person you're going to hire should be his go-to person for assistance.

    • Yeah thanks I think I'll just be direct with him and he is understanding but strict so if he is not being understanding then I'll have to quit because I'm not all for being a huge part of company.

  • tell him what you just told us.

    • Yeah I guess I just hope he is understanding and if he is then thatll be awesome, if he's not then I'll have to leave even though I finally got a job ugh

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